Go Nawaz Go Movement Spreads Across Pakistan

PTI Chairman Imran Khan has declared Friday “Go Nawaz Go” day as he continues his push for Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to resign. He said Wednesday marked the 34th day of their protest and that they have seen an increase in participation in the protest. On Friday, the chairman plans to burn his electric bill to remind lawmakers that they doubled the power rates in Pakistan.

Go Nawaz Go protest to expand

Today Khan announced plans to expand his party’s protests to other cities in Pakistan. The sit-ins that have been going on have already brought the Pakistani government to a virtual standstill. Khan said he and his protesters will remain in place until they oust Sharif, who he accuses of being corrupt and rigging the election.

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The PTI chairman called Friday a “Day of Deliverance,” although Sharif still refuses to resign. This week a murder case against Sharif and other top government officials was registered, upping the ante even further. The case is in connection with the killing of anti-government protesters, in which they are accused of being involved. At least three people died and more than 500 were injured with police clashed with protesters on Aug. 30 during the march to Sharif’s official residence.

Go Nawaz Go campaign spreads to currency

PAT chief Tahirul Qadri said this week that supporters of the Go Nawaz Go campaign should write the phrase on Pakistani currency and circulate it. He urged all of his workers to write the slogan on their money and then use it to buy things.

He spoke at the sit-in that’s been going on for about a month now. Qadri is protesting reported police brutality against his followers. He urges protesters to continue demonstrating until “the complete elimination of oppression from the country.”

The State Bank of Pakistan warned that any currency marked with the slogan is not valid. The bank said writing the slogan on the money will only waste it and that no bank will accept it.