Why Galaxy Note 4 Is Better Than The iPhone 6

Why Galaxy Note 4 Is Better Than The iPhone 6
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Apple’s iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are selling like hot cakes. Advance orders surpassed four million units in the first 24 hours. In fact, demand for the new iPhones is so strong that Apple was forced to push back delivery dates to November. Despite all the craze, iPhone 6 may not be the best smartphone. Samsung’s recently announced Galaxy Note 4 that will hit the shelves next month.

Here are six compelling points showing that the Galaxy Note 4 is better than the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus both.

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1- Bigger and better display

The Galaxy Note 4 sports a beautiful Quad HD 5.7-inch Super AMOLED screen with 2560×1440 resolution. It packs 515 pixels per inch. Yesterday, display evaluation firm DisplayMate said that the Galaxy Note 4 sports the “best smartphone display” ever. It’s the first smartphone to get a green rating (excellent) in almost every test category.

In contrast, the iPhone 6 has a 4.7-inch display with 334 x 750 resolution. Its big brother comes with 5.5-inch screen with 1920 x 1080 resolution. Apple’s both new phones pale in comparison to the Galaxy Note 4’s bigger display and more pixels.

2- S Pen Stylus

The Galaxy Note 4’s predecessors also had an S Pen stylus. But the Note 4’s stylus has some great improvements. It has a responsive tip that feels like a pen on paper. It lets you write quick and small post-it notes, highlight text, and then copy and paste, just like a mouse. Tom’s Guide says that the Galaxy Note 4 sports the best pen-enabled software in the market. On the flip side, Apple may bring a stylus in 2015 or 2016, perhaps.

3- Multiple panes

Fortunately, Apple has added multiwindow mode to the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus. The 4.7-inch iPhone lacks this feature. But Apple’s phablet still doesn’t allow users to put two different apps next to each other on the display. Samsung has offered this feature on the Galaxy Note for years. On the Galaxy Note 4, you can split screen between two apps and, if needed, you can drag and drop content between them.

4- Galaxy Note 4 has better storage

The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus come with 16GB base storage, and go up to 64GB and 128GB. There is no 32GB variant and no microSD card slot. If you have data little more than 16GB, you have to shell out over $100 extra for the 64GB version. The Galaxy Note 4 comes with 32GB internal storage, expandable up to 128GB with microSD slot.

5- Remote control capability

Just in case you lose your remote control, you can use your Galaxy Note 4 to remote control your cable box, TV, Roku box, stereo and Blu-Ray player. It has a built-in infrared transmitter that gives the Note 4 remote control capability. The WatchOn app helps you decide what channel to watch. The iPhone users will have to wait a few years before Apple considers adding this feature.

6- High-performance, removable battery

Apple has promised that the new iPhones have a much better battery life. But its predecessors suffered an incredibly short battery life. Big screen of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus means they will sap more battery. The Note 4 comes with a 3,250mAh battery and it has an ultra-power saving mode. Even if that battery isn’t enough, you can remove it and replace with a spare battery or an extended capacity unit. You can’t remove the iPhone 6’s batteries.

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  1. I have had this iphone 6 for 1 month and I am disappointed!! It doesn’t do what my samsung could do! REGRET! There is not a seperate volume option for ringtones and alarms! WHY!!! I don’t want my ringtone to be the same volume as my alarm! Then the calendar alerts don’t go off if you have the stupid little switch on the side set! Then when you download a song you can’t make it a ringtone without jumping through a bunch of hoops on your desktop! You can’t even turn off GPS seperately like the Samsung. It’s bogus and Apple is WAY BEHIND when it comes to needed features! I feel like I just downgraded to 7 years back on Samsung 1. Never again will I buy Apple. I even got a Apple computer. It was also a major disappoinement. Same crap. Good features that a PC has are missing. Apple is only popular because they have a good marketing program not by there product. All this hype and I got jipped!

  2. Actually, yes. Not necessarily with the skinned androids, but with google’s android. Moving from the 2.x and 3.x series into 4 brought improvements friendly to old hardware. And again when they moved from 4.x into 5.0 the same thing happened.

    I don’t think they’ll keep making things better than this, there are diminishing returns in making those efficiency gains. But if google is really committed to low end hardware used with android one, then even if they don’t bring efficiency gains they will at least prevent bloat.

  3. And Android updates don’t? What magical world do you live in?? Do you still run an old Evo 4G? Keep buying your new phone every 2 years like a good sheep yourself.

  4. Yeah, keyword there is certain. If you pick a popular phone that proves amenable to hacking by the community, then you can load cyanogen. Otherwise, you’re SOL.

    And as far as Samsung being better, they lost me as a customer after the original Galaxy Tab was a Piece of Sh*t that I had to pay for. That should NEVER have left QA. And I’ve played with their phones – my business partner has a Note 3. It’s ok, but the phones too big for my hand not to mention my pants pockets, no fingerprint unlock, no Siri (admittedly of sometime comical value), and I have Apple Pay. Google Wallet is laughable in contrast, it’s not easy to setup, I use google as my bank, and most merchants haven’t even heard of it. Apple waited until they had a complete, working system, brought in key partners, and it’s doing wonderfully.

  5. No, they are looking in awe.

    It’s not that uncommon when a company produces a great technology that really pushes forward the capabilities of efficiency of a UI – many people who’ve never seen it before look on in awe.

    This also happened when Swype first came out. Many people were absolutely amazed at Swype.

    Now, everyone in the android world takes it for granted, while everyone (pre-iOS 8) in the iOS world has found a way to rationalize that they don’t really want it.

  6. Its funny that you consider that ‘support’. Apple’s hardware is so far behind the curve that their 3yo products just can’t handle the latest software. Sure, apple trumps samsung, lol, but that’s setting the bar pretty low.

    Meanwhile, the past two major updates to Android made the OS more efficient, and the ROM community provides better support for certain old android devices than apple does.

  7. Nah, it’s spam you get redirected to 4 different sites just by clicking the link. I’ve been done with android for a while now, the final straw was Google play store and the amount of apps that load advertisements to your phone and email. Trying to add validity to your previous statement is impossible my handheld device is exceptional. I have thoroughly hated Apple until I got a gs3. I didn’t like Apple because of ignorance and never actually owning an idevice. That s3 and every other android I’ve had always slowed down sharply within the first year of use no matter what I did (ie. Clearing dalvik, resetting, reloading stock firmware updating firmware etc.) even rooting was a crap shoot (the devs are awesome guys they tirelessly work for donations and deal with pushy freeloaders that talk crap about their work) perfect roms and kernels would have some sort of problem with radio software and few random other faults. The gs3 was an utter disappointment a virtual laggy wonderland of craptastic failure. For all of its advancements and iphone vs smack down videos I watched where it won it seemed like a killer device. When I did a few tests against my coworkers 4s it was blown out of the water. I really needed a phone that could perform consistently and the 4s I had and now this 6+ has been flawless. When looking at sales and comparing the iphone 6&6+ to the Galaxy line up sales are evident you can argue the point the android is better but consumers have spoken. I can go get a note4 at anytime during the day just try to get a 6+ now…good luck iPhones are high demand for a reason. Before I got an idevice I found myself looking for a device just as good comparing it to Apple hoping to find that one device that would edge out the iphone but the main idea is that I was comparing it to an iPhone i got tired of comparing and went with the standard. Every cell phone maker calls themselves innovators but keep recycling ideas case in point using a stylus Palm devices and the htc mogul I owned had those they sucked then and the idea still sucks.

  8. LOL delusional. Apple is like Denny’s selling $1k over-priced burgers, while Android is like Chipotle selling great food at a great price.

    Android delivers more for the money. Don’t delude yourself.

  9. LOL…trade your phones in? Are you a financial idiot? Why wouldn’t you sell it yourself to get more money? iSheep don’t care about maximizing value.

  10. LOL he prefers a phone that is made out of solid gold but is completely useless.

    iPhone owners prefer form over function. Android owners prefer function over form.

  11. It’s not spam, why are you lying?

    Its versus. com, giving a factual comparison of smartphones. That iphone 6 you bought doesn’t come out looking so good when you look at the facts, does it?

  12. people that takes notes.

    My wife is in real estate she loves her Galaxy note. I am looking to get a Note Pro 10.1 for note taking during meetings. Especially if the handwriting recognition does a decent job of turning my cat scratching into a word doc that I can index and search on at a later date.

  13. The new update IOS8 renders old apple products slower. Which in turn makes you want to upgrade to the latest Apple Product. And you fall for it like a Isheep. Ahh..The circle of life. Keep wasting that $$$$

  14. Yes, you can do that on the iPhone. You just go to settings, click on “Cellular, and toggle any app to disable its access to the internet. No firewall needed.

  15. You get ONE update for your android phone, then they’ve dumped you for the Note 5, coming out next summer, and you won’t get whatever Android version comes next. Apple, OTOH, is updating iPhone 4S’s, that are 3 years old! Apple may not be on the edge, but their stuff WORKS without crashing and is SUPPORTED.

  16. firewall is free, really helpfull because I have control on what apps are using my precious phone internet data. No antivirus needed on my note phone.

  17. Couldn’t stand removable batteries back in the day, have you ever dropped your phone in the middle of a crowded airport and then try to find your battery is it skidded across the floor?

  18. This article is very misleading. You can’t have two apps run on the IPhone at the same time. Certain apps get added features when you turn the phone in portrait mode, but you cannot run two apps on the screen at the same time. The IPhone is playing catch up big time. People don’t understand the Note line is more than just a “big phone. ” The S pen is such a huge help. I use the S pen on my Note 3 all the time. It’s great to be on the phone and simply place the phone on speaker mode, pull out the S pen and right down a confirmation number, tracking number, telephone number, short grocery list ect. Split screen multitasking is also awesome. The IPhone is big just to be big. This Note is a real productivity device. You can even create charts (pie, line, and bar), thank you cards, custom baby scrapbooks using pics from your phone, recipe cards and more. Good luck doing that with an IPhone. .

  19. Worldwide market share of Samsung Smart phones is 33% compared to Apple’s 13% in the last 2 years to date. I think Samsung is beaten Apple high & dry.

  20. Please do not come to conclusions dude, I think Samsung smart phones have an edge over Apple for the last 2 Years and counting, they have a world market share of 33 % compared to Apple’s 13% only. So Apple is just surviving by the skin of their teeth. And also Newer smart phones like the LG HTC and Huawei have hit the market and made Apple look like an Orange.

  21. Nice that is what your prefer and I respect it, but swappable battery for flagship feels little let down for me. its okay If you using Mid range phones.

  22. that’s my man, I like it, its 21st century all need to open eyes and stop making a phone better cuz of spec but they should consider the experience they get. Not everyone like Samsung and Not everyone like iPhone so its just personal preference. don’t like when people says this is better to make one feel inferior or bad and other get in proud

  23. Galaxy Note 4 don’t have have iOS, but Yes it have Touchwiz which is bloated, would rather prefer Sense UI in Note 4 than Touchwiz. You guys just look at spec oh yea than listen all. iPhone can’t compete with any android flagship. stay away from iPhone cuz its don’t have that much ram or more PPI but twhat it have is iOS. that’s sole reason I’m preferring iPhone and this time its bigger too, I’m android fan for 4 years yes four years but now I understand all mobiles especially are great, its all about personal preference. Note 4 won’t fly anyways nor will iPhone 6. Note 4 is better in Gimmicks right have fun with that. BTW I’m die hard android fan Moto X is my next pick, then iPhone 6 probably, currently rocking HTC One M8 and Moto X 1st generation. but M8 is really awesome

  24. Funny I had th s3 and currently have the s5, I did not have or even have heard of any of the issues you talk about. However I bought my son an Iphone 5s since he had to have it! In 5 months time had to reset it 3 times, numerous times his phone simply lost signal for no apparent reason……and he is the kicker my s5 had 3 bars sitting beside his phone! More reliable? NOT FROM MY EXPERIENCE!!!!

  25. Frank. I too owned the S3 a year ago. It was probably the worst phone I’ve ever owned. I traded up for the Note 3. It is most definitely the best phone I’ve ever owned. You can’t judge a cell phone maker off of one model they’ve come out with. Yes, the iPhones are very beautiful but I am happy with my Note 3 and will wait until the Note 5 comes out. The Note 4 is too similar to what I have now. Variety is the spice of life Frank.

  26. Not to mention the Note 4 is 1/4″ shorter and just a hair wider, but has significantly a bigger screen and weighs almost the same.

  27. What is with people today, always taking sides….cmon this is the 21st century we stick together and embrace all of the products. Everything you do now a days, e-mail, phone, messaging and internet you can do on ALL of the modern devices efficiently and effortlessly. So what if some people prefer iphones, doesnt make them bad people. They just like the way that one company makes products than the other company. It all comes down to personal preference, and not just the specs and dont bash each other just because they have another preference.

  28. 1 thing apple’s did right for sure, is to target their groups of consumers( woman,children, teen, and the elder) so its not favorable to argue them about technology

  29. if you are an apple user; you will not wanted apple to included multi-tasks in their future products, b/c with only 1 gb ram , every one of your devices will be an brick after updates. and its including your iphoone 6 & 6 plus

  30. Have you wondered what parts inside your iPhone is made by Samsung?

    #1 Samsung used to supply Apple NAND Flash.

    #5 And iPhone isn’t even water “RESISTANT”…

    Since Samsung’s components do not add up to the sum of their parts (your words not mine) I’m guessing Apple’s components do not add up to the sum of their parts either?

  31. I’ve got a box with a bunch of old phones at the house. A while back I was going through it and found an old HTC windows mobile phone. I can’t remember if it was an 8125 or a 8525. The thing is it had been in the box unused for a few years and still had enough charge left to boot up and stay turned on. I could hardly believe it.

  32. Me along with my Pepsi hat, Pepsi shirts, and Pepsi hoodies agree with you. You have to drink a lot of Pepsi to get all that stuff free. I admit I am a recovering Pepsiholic. I’m drinking more tea these days. :)

  33. I dont understand why people always bring up the iPhone not having as good of specs as androids when iPhones continue to perform better than androids on all the major benchmark tests.

  34. I agree with you…On top of that… All of the Android phones that I’ve own always slows down when I add more files or apps to my phone. Widgets suck. Problems transferring music to my phone. Voice recognition doesn’t work as good as Apple’s siri. Apple is way easier to use.

  35. What????….
    Funny, Samsung actually designed a lot of apple’s hardware. haha
    Also funny, is that the iphone is looking more and more like the new Androids.
    hahahahahaha …. Samsung don’t design hardware for apple, they are a manufacturer for apple.
    Looks like the new androids??? so I guess you don’t see the similarity between the iphone 5s and the new note 4 !!!

  36. I love reading all these articles. I have a Samsung Note 3 for work and see nothing innovative about as so many people suggest. I also use an iPhone 5 that works great. I have not seen any innovation in wireless phones since the original iPhone. Innovation, a stylus? reminds me of my Apple Newton or Treo. Remote control?? last time I checked my iPhone controls my Roku, Samsung TV, Apple TV, AV System, Cable box, lights, thermostat. I can do the same with my Note if a cared to.

  37. We all know how apple said that the retina display was as high as the human eye could see……………
    We all know how apple said that they will never make bigger Iphone screens…………..
    We all know how apple said that metal bodys were better dispite antenna issues with their phones…….
    We all know how apple just completely and utterly SSSUUUCCKKKSSSS A S S.

    But at the end the real dumb a sses are US, the consumers for buying crappy phones dispite of who makes them…….
    I miss the security of my black berry.

  38. I ordered the 128G, I dont need SD, battery if needs replacement is only 50 bucks, what’s the big deal? My son will not get my androids, he keeps the iphone 4 till it’s time for 7, androids will go straight to the trash!

  39. I feel bad for them that iPhone users don’t care and don’t understand Apple doing to them, just like religion they’re infatuated and no cure.
    Live happy &  Live long.

  40. Same technology and the same OS and most important the same issues. My brother is using the Samsung S5 and it has the same issues with the pattern unlock screen and the phone dialing pad is not center so he has to reboot the phone and it happened.

    The points I am trying to make is the core application on the Samsung phone is not reliable as the iPhone core apps. Beside the issues with the apps, Samsung should not put out so many Negative ads. They should concentrate making good products so people will buy their products.

  41. Funny, Samsung actually designed a lot of apple’s hardware. haha
    Also funny, is that the iphone is looking more and more like the new Androids.

    EVEN BETTER. I worked for AT&T tech support for a while and I actually ot more service calls from apple products concerning the OS than any other manufacturer on every other OS.

    So might be better? No. Apple is far behind the curve of technology. People that use iphone’s have less than half the capability, twice the bill, and 3 times the amount of issues of other devices. Androids ARE better. In quite literally every way, shape and form.

  42. Oh wow the iPhone has a metal body, so cell signals are blocked more, its heavier, scratches and dents easier. Big deal! Why wouldn’t you want a better phone? The new note series is heavier because its using a metal frame, no one cared but iTrolls. I prefer the lighter more sturdy plastic phone. Because it will just be covered in a case anyways.

  43. So you know that he sleeps on a race car bed, lives with his mom, and has a creepy job all from his comment? or are you stalking him? Creepy~~~

  44. I’m glad that Samsung has a market. One less person standing in line (no one ever stands in line for Samsungs) that I have to wait on.

    Long Live Samsung! Ok my troll-patrol is over. :)

  45. I think this is best analogy in all the World Wide Web… Samsung/Android is the McDonalds of the smartphone industry. A luxury Wendy’s at best.

    Apple is more like Zoes, Panera Bread, etc. IMO

  46. I think you’re the most uninformed person on this forum. It’s bad on both sides. If you’re talking about technology, you do realize samsung has BETTER technology in their phones than apple right? No you didn’t know, because apple hasn’t told you.

  47. Uh yeah it will never be an Apple… It’s a Samsung! Premium on the shell but older tech in the inside. Yeah you’re all about aesthetics… Which varies person to person anyhow.

  48. All of my friends are doing the same thing. I asked are you not happy with the size of the phone? It perfectly fits your hand. Oh wait, I’m guessing size does matter huh! Ok Ok, you got me! Size does matter! End of Itard story!

  49. It might be better, but it will never be an Apple device. Apple products are known for its premium materials, smooth OS and beautiful design, which none of those any Samsung or android possess. Sigh!

  50. I am currently using a Samsung S3. I have been using this phone for 2 years. Before this S3, I used an iPhone 3gs. The iPhone 3gs was great and reliable. About 8 months of owning the Samsung S3 phone, the charging port broke. It was
    replaced under warranty through my phone provider. The replacement Samsung S3 phone had a bad micro SD port so it got replaced again. Through this
    ordeal, I learned that there are a lot Samsung S3 out there that having these

    The Samsung S3 just annoyed me from time to time. For example, the phone
    dialing pad and the security draw pattern is off center so I could not make a
    phone call or unlock my phone. The screen rotation from portrait to
    landscape does not work that well. There seem to be a lag in the phone rotation functionality.

    Being the owner of an iPhone 3gs and Samsung S3, I say iPhone was my
    favorite. The iPhone was more reliable for me. I gave the 3gs to my family member and it still being use until this day. The original battery is still in there.

    I am going to buy the new iPhone 6 because I think iPhone is more reliable and
    the built quality is better than the Samsung. The director in charge of designing the Samsung S5 was fired from the company shortly after the release of the S5 for the poor design and use plastic in the designing of the phone. I don’t like Samsung for their negative ads. Earlier this year (2014), there were 3 reporters that were hired by Samsung Company to put out Negative / False information on Apple products. These reporters got in trouble and were fined.

    I do admit there are positive features in the Samsung S3 such as the removable battery and the micro SD slot. The removable battery feature saves me once
    in the two years of using the Samsung S3. I would have continued using Samsung phone and put up with its issues if there weren’t so many negative ads on Samsung competitors.

  51. I know a few peoples laughed at me when I used galaxy s3 because it’s big and now the same peoples told me they ordered iPhone 6 last Friday…hilarious.
    Live happy &  Live long.

  52. bigtruck, you need to get help for your Apple love. All phones made today, including the realy cheap ones are of good quality. All high end phones are of great quality. Please also remember that Apple phones consist of no parts actualy made by Apple. They are not even built by Apple. They consist of a hogpog of parts made by multiple manufacturers including LG, Samsung, Sony, etc. They are asembled in China by slave labor. As for your assertion that SS makes too many modles, I happen to like choices. I do not want a “one size fits all” rather you like it or not design. The only thing Apple actualy makes is software. They do a good job of it, but it is not my cup of tea. I like an open sysytem so I can customize it to suite my needs.

  53. you don’t want a remote control on your phone, cause you always lose your remote controls, and you don’t want to lose your phone. HAHAHAHA… You’re stupid.

  54. What a lovely comments. This what makes both companies richer by you dump comment and your hype, one comment I’d like to make, please don’t bash the phone maker just buy whatever you think its best for you, and no need to get a high blood pressure for which company you don’t like. Both smartphones are good, just enjoy whatever you buy.

  55. both Samsung and apple are no good….try nokia 3210 from 90’s,,,….works better and save me tons of money….multiple benefits….

  56. Another thing not mentioned here. with the Note 4 you can use the 4k screen for Samsung/Oculus virtual reality head set. Try using the screen in the iPhone 6 plus for virtual reality head set. All you’ll see will be massive square pixels floating in front of your eyes…

  57. Obvious this is fabricated because unlike you I DO own both due to work (iphone). Iphone is designed nice and thats all i can see good about it. I hate its OS imitations and its lack of customizations. Who in their right mind wants ALL their apps on the home screen taking hours to find one app.

  58. Samsung has absolutely got nothi?ng associated w?th produc?ng cars. Its all done by the french company RENAULT who produces them. Samsung merely st?cks the emeblem to the back and front of the vehicle pretend?ng that its doing the all job. How easy it is. Ignorants can also do that!

  59. Because you are an iphone lover/promoter. You will never switch. Even if apple goes to black and white screens. You are loyal to apple. It doesn’t matter to you whether they have the best phone or not..

  60. I think Android users are the most vicious when it comes to their point of view (against Apple phones). It’s as if they regret getting a Samsung/Android so bad, that they spend night and day trying to justify why they spent hundreds of dollars on something they could have assembled in their basement.

  61. They aren’t looking at you in awe. They’re looking because you look ridiculous writing notes on a tablet phone with a stylus. Use a pen and paper like every other human being and save your battery life for things that only your phone can do.

  62. Me (and the rest of office guys), for taking notes on meeting and sending multiple email for different recipient. For copying several and multiple lines. It’s just funny when isheeps look at me in an awe while I’m taking notes and do drawings during meetings and its just a click away to email it. Meeting minutes are already in their inbox even before they leave the room.

  63. You probably haven’t used other phones aside from your iPhone. I’ll tell you I also said those features aren’t usable to me but when I personally experienced it, its say wow all the while I need these kind of functions. Big screen, stylus (for several copy and paste-darn useful), multiple panes, battery, storage, these were innovated to sustain office people who were always mobile. If you’re a couch potato, iphone is perfect for you or too much.

  64. #1 Who do you think make the NAND flash for Apple? Samsung you idiot. Don’t you think they will put the fastest ram? As for external memory, you can ADD the fastest memory you want, depending on how much you want to spend, they will still be cheaper than Apple ripping you off for. 16GB as your base?? You are such a gullible consumer, Apples just r@ping you.

    #2. HTC build quality is better than Apples. Yet, why aren’t you buying HTC? In fact, Apples are made in China. Samsung’s plastic design is up to the consumer to choose, but you are silly if you think one last longer than the other when both are housed in the case majority of the time. In fact, I have friends who had iPhone and Samsung and iPhone was first to break because when you drop an iPhone, all that one-piece design has nowhere to dissipate the energy resulting in internal damage vs Samsung which mitigate the break-up energy with its open-ended cover case. It’s a personal choice.

    #3. I doubt it, Samsung has higher meg pixel and they are one of leaders in camera manufacturing. Apple uses Sony sensors, they didn’t invent anything. I doubt anyone can tell difference between pics taken with an iPhone 6 vs Samsung S5 or Note 4. If anything, if you blow up the image, you can immediately see the difference between a 16 meg camera vs 8 meg camera. You can’t beat the science. There are many (non-paid) professional photography sites that test and judge these cameras, usually its neck to neck in their photo quality under certain conditions, but under other conditions (4K video, poster size pictures), more often than not, the winner is the one has higher resolution. So using words such as ‘blow’ just shows you are just a Apple fanboy/troll. Nobody has tested Apple 6 plus vs Samsung Note 4 yet, but if history is any indication, Samsung/Apple always perform similarly with one having better detail (higher megapixel).

    #4. If so, than why did Apple keep upping their dpi to more than what human eyes can see??? This sounds like sour grapes to me. Same reason that Apple said that bigger screen than 4.7″ aren’t necessary. Why did they make a 5.5″ phone now? Sounds like bunch of excuses to cover up the fact Apple isn’t a leader in screen clarity.. face it, Apple is USING parts from Samsung and LG… do you think they can do any better than the OEM? Apple is merely middle man charging you a premium to buy parts from a group of manufactures with you jumping up and down, ready to pay them anything. Also, I have a LG G3 phone with their quad HD display. I also have owned a Samsung Note 3, S4 and my girlfriend has an iPhone 5S. Let me tell you, the difference in clarity vs 1080 P is very apparent after ONE day of use. When I switch phones, it is like downgrading, my eyes CAN tell the difference. It’s like difference between Blueray movie and a HD movie. The glass on the quadHD phone looks like pure marble of colors. Yes, if you read text you probably can’t tell much difference for few days, but they will become apparent after you get used to it. If you watch movies and play games, the difference is there.

    #5. And the Apple is water proof or water resistant?? When was any Apple iPhone ever water resistant? At least Samsung can withstand some weather and rain, this is more proof of quality than any spin you wanna put out there.

    And whether they add up to their sum of parts is up to the consumer to choose right? Why would you pay $100 for 64 gig of storage when you can buy 32G plus 32G of provided memory for less than $20? We are talking about CLass 10 and above speeds here memory cards.

    Also, many of my friends with iPhone are having to replace their battery after 1 year or 2 year max usages. Their battery wouldn’t hold charges any longer. Replacing them by a 3rd party vendor voids the warranty, and Apple charges you $100 USD minimum. More money for Apple. With removable batteries, you can buy one for less than $10 USD. ALso, you can switch out the battery on the spot without having to carry a heavy powerbank. This is such a crucial difference for those who heavily use their phone. I have a friend that uses her phone up to 12 hours a day, internet wifi, etc. on all the time, There is noway any iPhone can be used that way without being plugged in. But all my friend carries is extra battery almost weighless compared to heavy battery packs. She can last 14+ hrs. IPhone 5S will die in about 6-7 hours with similar usage. Yes removable battery phones die also, BUT you can double their life almost instantly by switching out the battery. This is called consumer friendly. Your iPhone will last as long as your battery hold charges. Good luck on trying to find replacement battery (for minimum cost) 3 or 4 years down the line.


    #1. APPLE’S NAND FLASH buys cheap micro-sd cards AWAY.

    #2. These displays have all surpassed the human eye’s ability to see pixels.

    #3. The Galaxy 4 isn’t “waterproof”, it’s water “RESISTANT”…

  66. Bigger and better display? Really? I will be curious to see how the sales between the two iPhones stack up. Just to see how important the bigger screen is. I have a lap top and a desk top to handle big screen computing. I want my phone to pack away easily in my shirt pocket & not have to be held.

    S Pen Stylus? I have lost every stylus I have ever owned. I like using my finger. Any feature that adds additional mouse capabilities would be a plus.

    Multiple Panes? I don’t know if I would benefit from this feature. I can’t recall a time when I wished I could view two apps at once. If I had I would probably find a way to use it.

    Better Storage? I guess I use my phone differently. I have never used more than half of my 16gb storage. I have always felt the iPhone should offer removable storage. This is so far the only feature that trumps the iPhone. Not that I have ever needed it. I charge my phone every day or two from my desktop. I have plenty of storage space there if needed plus the cloud.

    Remote control? At my house the remotes are always getting lost. Do I want to put my phone into that mix.

    Removable battery? My phone never runs out of battery before i have a place to charge it.

  67. the problem are brand loyalist who identify to personally to their smartphones, and hearing others criticize their choice of phone is almost like their criticizing their character which puts people on the need to defend their choice by bashing the other persons choice. the internet it just a cesspool of mockery, insults and hate mongering over a piece of tech that will be out-dated in 12 months

  68. I bought 6 iphones and sold it for a profit. that’s the only reason I bought actually. Love this supply and demand problem apple makes.

  69. i honest believe competition is good for business because it leads to innovation, if you’re the only player in your field its difficult to improve, it also shakes off complacency and it allows businesses to understand it’s core market. Samsung might have changed the way we think of larger smartphones. Apple is simply just bringing that market to iOS phones and Samsung loyalist may be upset that Apple isnt giving Samsung the recognition it may deserve. what really drives the iPhone is their iOS something you cant find on any other phone. while Android OS is found on many brands other then Samsung phones. but i think the media really grinds in feeding the conflict and causing friction between brand loyalist from companies competing in the same market. just my opinion

  70. so don’t, just leave the 128 gb memory card inside and don’t touch it. Leave the battery in too. But won’t you be glad that when you drop your phone and it stops working, you can just remove the memory card and have most of your data in tact? Or how about getting the option to replace a dead battery after you’ve worn out the first one from too much candy crush.

    actually in the end, it just preference to what OS you want to use. For me, I’ll never use windows mobile at it’s current state. iOS and Android is usable for my needs :)

  71. Is the Galaxy a ‘better’ phone based on specs? Probably.. Does that mean the Galaxy is ‘better’ for everyone? Probably not.. If somebody like Apple and its products, then by all mean buy something from Apple. In the grand scheme of life the phone you choose doesn’t make or break the person you are, unless you’re truly a shallow person..

  72. Someone woke up on the wrong side of his race car bed. Move out of your moms house and actually get a real job, and when you do… please focus on the job at hand and stop stalking your co-workers.

  73. This is stupid and is like people arguing which is better: Coca Cola or Pepsi. In the end, people will buy what they’re more comfortable using. Samsung devices have merit as do other manufacturer devices and each may have certain advantages over the other. Arguing this is pointless.

  74. I agree. I’ve had an iPhone since the first generation and switched to note 3 a year ago. Every Iphone I had, battery stopped holding charge a little before the 2 year mark. Was never able to charge again. Now, I have 2 different I phones that are useless cause the batteries won’t hold charge. Was planning to use it as a music player but can’t even do that. Just paper weight now. Next up will definitely be a note 4.

  75. Are Samsung users superior to Apple users because Samsung has had this technology before Apple and Apple users are bragging about these “new” features which makes them look foolish? That’s great news because I’ve been using smartphones for over 10 years way before Samsung came out with one. That makes me superior to ALL!! So please stop bragging about your “new” smart phones because that idea was done loooong ago by Kyocera. The article was bragging about a stylus?!? What the heck?!? My Kyocera 7035 had a stylus! Talk to the hand!

  76. IPhone owners are the most retarded individuals. I know cause I work with some of them who owns iPhone. They are unhappy, misserable, whines & grumbles alot. And they even argue with their own device! LOL!!!

  77. Fabricated story that neve happened. Ever read story of iPhone exploding and burning people? Yeah, just burnt a child placing her iPhone under her pillow. Ever read any story of Samsung product with such incident??? NONE!!!

  78. Believe it or not Samsung makes more than Phones. They even make cars. So your Samsung is nothing without android is ignorance and fact-less.

  79. I have 2 android phones, I can finally get rid of them!!!! Back to iPhone. Sorry, may have better specs, but not even close. Let’s see which one sells the most at the end.

  80. My son has my old iPhone 4, it can still hold a charge after 4 years. If it craps out, I’ll just buy a new one, no need for ‘I9iot bar”!

  81. Lets see, your having the worst experience ever because the phone makes no sense to you? You sound like a very close-minded individual and you probably shouldn’t own any new technology especially a smartphone. Ive had an S3 and an S4 both with no problems, my buddy has an iphone 5, first one got so hot it burned him, 2nd one shut off and never turned back on, hes on his 3rd one and now his speaker just went out on it and he has had a $100 life proof case on all 3 of them. Not too mention icloud getting hacked and peoples photos leaked online. Im good on all that thanks,

  82. Your one of the lucky few I know concerning the battery in your IP4, they usually crap out within 2 years like clock work. Big advantage with the Note 3 is you can buy a new Battery on the cheap and put it in yourself without the dreaded appointment at the so called “Genius Bar”.

  83. Lol Samsung has an ecosystem too buddy, My samsung TV, Tablet, and phone all sync together sharing information such as photos, videos, files etc. I can mirror my devices screens onto eachother and use my phone through my tablet while im multitasking. I can also access my windows laptop and custom built gaming desktop from my samsung ecosystem. Oh and my Samsung Homesync drive holds 1TB of data acting as my own personal cloud storage and sits secured in my house in a VPN. Unlike the icloud where peoples photos are being hacked and leaked online and you only get 5gb of storage and you have to pay for more. Apple is falling behind rather quickly adding features that every other phone company has had since 2012. They havent done anything since jobs is gone except take your money for the same product over and over again.

  84. Piece of Crap? Seriously ….I am on my 3rd Note series and the rest of my Family all has Samsungs including picky Teenagers and not a single gripe from anyone and never a problem and yes the kids did have a choice when we went down to pick up our newest phones and not one had an interest in the IPhone. I believe in your case that the freedom from using Android was a bit too daunting when you have been told what to do for so long.

  85. I don’t know what an I Sheep is but after having an I phone 5 with Verizon, then using it in Korea for a year. When I returned to the states my wife switched our contract to another carrier. My I phone 5 was incapatable with that new carrier so I was given her S4 while she paid full price for an I Phone 5C. Let me tell you this phone really sucks. Its the worst experience every. Samsung phone are touchy and the operating system makes no sense. I hate this phone, I been waiting to replace this piece of crap with a new I Phone 6. The article make no sense either, who cares what the specs are if the thing is a piece of crap. Yes the only difference here is the note 4 is a bigger piece of crap. Goodbye Samsung your phones suck.

  86. My girlfriend has had a Note 3 for almost one year and recently she has complained that her battery is no longer holding a charge like it used to. I have an iPhone 4, and it is still going strong. There’s a reason why the iPhone’s do not have a removable battery… there’s no need to remove it, it works fine.

  87. Seriously, this is a very good article. It did not go into details in both worlds. Whether it was a Galaxy or an Apple, the article simply gave an opinion on the very basic features, namely, the display, battery life etc etc. You are comparing an apple with an orange. What ARE YOU talking about Samsung without android, windows on galaxy…wtf? Now you can see what Apple has achieved without Steve Jobs…

  88. Great article! After experiencing both lines there is not doubt that you would prefer a point and shoot device like iPhone if that is what you are looking for. Supposing something that has no merit nor any truth doesn’t suddenly turn this Samsung line into an inferior product. It by far out shines the Apple line and will continue to do it. Its amazing how so many comments have been made about features that are put in doubt by iSheep, like the wastefulness of larger screens and other features that now iPhone has and has been chasing the Samsung line for quite awhile. Now that they are playing catch up, it appears their minds have been changed. So are iSheep lying now, or were they lying back then when they said it was a waste. The agenda seems to change to meet their emotional shortcomings. I personally don’t care what people buy. I have children and they use point and shoot computers and will in time progress to a more expansive, explorational software, devices, and apps and grow and fill their need. If the Apple folks love these basic machines, good for them, we all have choices. But there is no way I will somehow view Steve Jobs as Jesus Christ who came to save us all. He was out to drain every dollar through iTunes, and apps that are free in open sourcing. Everyone can choose what they want, but please don’t be fooled into making something into what it is not, but be honest what it is.

  89. Man this is a terrible article! Have you experience the whole Apple Eco system? The world does no revolve around one companies product. Apple products interact with each other giving users the best experience. Samsung is nothing without android and can you imagine if they used windows instead on their galaxy line? Please remove this pathetic article

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