Fisher: Would like To See Rate liftoff At End of Q1

In an interview with Bloomberg Radio’s Kathleen Hays and Vonnie Quinn, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas President Richard Fisher said he would like to see interest-rate increases start at the end of the first quarter and continue in quarter-point increments.

Fisher on the U.S. economy

Fisher also said:

  • “I am happy with price stability.”
  • “The problem in the housing market is not interest rates…What’s holding back the housing market is not monetary policy.”
  • Labor market improvement seen in quits ratio.
  • In favor of tapering reinvestments, but lost that argument at the table of the FOMC meetings, “The majority wants to just hold onto that portfolio and reinvest… we’ll have a large portfolio for quite some time to come.”
  • There are “advantages of having a strong dollar…I think it is a vote of confidence” in the U.S. Economy. Strong dollar helps Fed on inflations “as imported products are cheaper” When the fed raises interest rates, it should do so “in a gradual steps over a longer period” to avoid “enormous market shocks.”

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