Coffee Genome Sequence Reveals Why It Smells So Good

Coffee Genome Sequence Reveals Why It Smells So Good

For the first time, More than 60 scientists from across the world have successfully sequenced the genome of the coffee plant. They found that the thing people love about coffee – the caffeine – is a result of genetic makeup. Caffeine in coffee evolved independently of that found in other plants such as tea or chocolate. Findings of the study could help improve the flavor of the most popular beverage. Researchers said people consume more than 2.25 billion cups of coffee worldwide every day.

Scientists studied the genome of Coffea canephora

Victor Albert, a biologist at the University of Buffalo, told the Associated Press that the genetic quirk in coffee was likely by the influence of natural selection. Results of the were published in the journal Science. Scientists will also present the research at the 25th International Conference on Coffee Science in Colombia next week.

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