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CEF Discounts: A Quick Look At Central Fund of Canada

Buy What is on Sale! CEF Discounts by CSInvesting

Selling today in the pits-gold and silver

CEF Discounts

Above is a chart of Central Fund of Canada Limited (NYSEMKT:CEF), Canadian Gold (60%) and Silver (40%) bullion closed-end fund trading at a 6.5% discount today. ON SALE!  I have no clue if tomorrow the price will be higher or lower.

Note the premiums as high as 10% and currently 6.5% discount.

Long term sentiment

gold-Sent-1 CEF Discounts

Silver-Sent-1 CEF Discounts

HYGI-Sent CEF Discounts

A Great blog, Down the Rabbit Hole:

Though, I like miners more, but now is a good time to pick up tangible money at a discount. Pay 94 cents and get a dollar of gold and silver today–I will take it.  SOLD!  Miners make money on the arbitrage between their input costs and output prices. You don’t need a rising nominal gold price you need a rising REAL gold price.



Now is the time for me to post my work on Yamana Gold Inc. (NYSE:AUY) (by this weekend, I pray) because it is at a price $7.33 that I have purchased in the past and it may be a reasonable choice for a BASKET of miners.

Read this post and the link within it to gain more understanding.