BlackBerry Passport vs. Nexus 6: Which One Would You Go For?

BlackBerry Passport vs. Nexus 6: Which One Would You Go For?

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL), Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. (LON:BC94) (KRX:005930) and other major smartphone vendors have already launched their flagship smartphones this year. Meanwhile, two other smartphones are creating a lot of buzz, and both are expected to hit the markets later this year. Yes, we are talking about Blackberry Passport and Google’s Nexus 6.

Can Passport change the fate of BlackBerry?

BlackBerry’s Passport is clearly aimed at enterprise users. Despite its weird look, users are excited about it. A recent consumer survey conducted by The Verge revealed that the Passport was hands down the “Most exciting new smartphone.” On the flip side, Google’s Nexus line has always been considered one of the best Android smartphones. And they come with an affordable price tag. So, given a choice which one would you go for?

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BlackBerry Passport vs. Nexus 6: Which One Would You Go For?

Blackberry has already confirmed many specs of Passport at various exhibitions and shows. The phone will officially be launched on September 24 in Toronto, London and Dubai. Passport is a 2-in-1 smartphone. It has a 4.5-inch touchscreen display along with BlackBerry’s signature QWERTY keypad. It will sport an IPS display with 1440×1440 resolution and 453ppi pixel density. And yes, its screen is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 3.

Passport will be powered by 2.26GHz quad core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor with Adreno 330 GPU. The device will have 2MP front-facing camera and 13MP main snapper, packed with features such as HDR, optical image stabilization and geotagging. BlackBerry has equipped Passport with 3450mAh battery, promising two full days of battery life. The phone will have 3GB RAM, 32GB internal storage expandable up to 128GB and BlackBerry OS 10.3 operating system.

When is Nexus 6 coming?

On the other hand, Google’s Nexus 6 will reportedly be launched on Halloween, October 31. The phone recently reached India for demo purposes. There have been a lot of rumors about who will manufacture this phone. In the past, Samsung, HTC and LG Electronics have produced Nexus. But this time Google has reportedly turned to Motorola for Nexus 6.

Nexus 6 is expected to sport a 5.2-inch QHD screen with 1440×2560 pixel resolution. Rumors suggest that the phone will be powered by 2.7GHz quad core Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 and Adreno 420 GPU. It will have 13MP main camera and 2.1MP front shooter. According to LoadTheGame, the camera will also see some improvements with dual recording, touch focus, photo sphere, optical image stabilization, HDR, autofocus and geotagging.

Nexus 6 will likely get the newest Android L operating system. The device will be backed by 3GB RAM and 32GB internal storage.

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  1. An interesting thread even for someone (like me) who’s not a smart phone aficionado. Most of it mirrors the love-hate relationship people have with BB. As a small business person who travels and wants only one phone, I was initially quite pleased with my Nexus 5 purchase. My first experience with Android and it went well for a while – including hangouts which I used for first time. I could live with the mediocre camera, the poor sound quality and the fact that the volume button placement invited constant accidents. But in the end it was the ghost calling that made me return it. No doubt it was my fault at times – any accidental touch on the wrong part of the screen and I was making a call. It was ultra sensitive, which is why I kept clearing the frequent caller list. But then there were the calls made when the phone was left in the car and twice in the middle of the night when I was nowhere near it. It became frustrating and embarrassing to have people call you back to ask if you called them back. Thought the changes in kitkat might have cured it, but finally had to throw in the towel. So now I’m wondering if the Nexus 6 will have resolved those issues. Could go to the iPhone 6 but the specs don’t appear to stack up on paper at least. And yes, at least a little curious about the Passport. Bit of an odd shape though and I wonder if it is really suited to someone who isn’t a business high flyer managing hundreds of contacts every day. My needs are pretty simple but I prefer compact designs – something I don’t need two hands to hold and will stay in my pocket when I jog. Any advice is appreciated.

  2. Incredible! The Passport whole keyboard works like a huge trackpad
    or like a touchscreen display.
    Better, it’s just like playing with a PinBalls Machine.
    You shoot the word up on the line.
    Flick the words showing off at the bottom of the screen
    It’s fun & easy with this “Ready-to-Type” Smartphone.
    You can enjoy your screen display, fully & permanently, all the time,
    You don’t have to play hide & seek with a touchscreen keyboard.
    It’s a “Ready-to-Watch” Smartphone…

  3. Even with the world best keyboard on board,
    you can speak instead of writing.
    BB 10.3 comes with a new Voice Command.
    Passport is a “Ready-to-Talk” Smartphone with “BlackBerry Assistant”.
    ( 20 years of Voices samples )
    You can make Full HD Video Conference Call, in Stereo, with 4 microphones…

  4. Be the new Two-handed champion with BlackBerry PassPort .
    Since Connors and Borg popularized the two-handed winning shot.
    We have seen new great champions like Djokovic, Murray, Nadal or Cilic !
    We get the control easily.
    Fast & precisely …
    Like Hamilton behind his fantastic Mercedes Steering Wheel.
    This is a Stainless Steel Road Warrior
    This will be your best companion.

  5. PassPort is a pocket-friendly device
    You don’t need huge hands like a Basketball Player.
    You don’t need a foot long pocket.
    You don’t have to worry about dropping your 6 inches too long device on the
    floor 3 time a day…….. When you lean. (loosing 700 $).
    You don’t need a 3rd hand to hold a pen !
    Well ! Where is my pen?
    I lost it once again !!!

  6. PassPort, now, is blasting with the new fantastic BB10.3, O.S.

    Switch from your “WorkSpace” PRO to your secure “FunSpace” PERSO.
    Make “Afters” when the work is done.
    This Unique A.I.O. Smartphone scales perfectly Androïd Apps.
    (+++ 500,000 Apps.) with Amazon Appstore and Blackberry World.

  7. BlackBerry is running the only mobile R.T.O.S. on the market.
    That means, this unique Real Time Operating System is already running fast…
    Like a Ferrari.

    In fact, it’s the fastest.
    Last August, already BB10.2, running on the fabulous Z30, won the World Best
    Mobile O.S. after being tested during 400 hours against IOS, KITKAT 4.4, and

    PassPort, now, is blasting with the new fantastic BB10.3, O.S.

  8. Does Ferrari have or care about market share? No. That is why Apple is more like a Hyundai or Kia. All Apple cares about is a one size fits all stale, make one feel like a kindergartner experience. No thank you.

  9. The comment I replied to was all about BB10, the Z3 and the Z10 which are all related to handsets. I am not sure where you see the original comment was all about BES and the Enterprise when it specifiaclly goes into low cost handsets and market share for BB10.

    Try reading the comment I replied to again.

  10. but Frankl, as a true superphone, the Z10 is a pack leader for battery. The bolds were like a half phone, half smart phone, and thus had awesome battery life. Sadly, almost all new “smart” phones are all plug in at night types.

    btw – props on utilizing BB to the max in a business environment.

  11. now you are just showing a lack of comprehension Tom. We are talking Enterprise and BES. not phone sales to the general pop.

    come on man.

  12. Thanks for keeping the conversation civil Tom :) these exchanges can become tribal and silly. BTW, I wasn’t enamoured with the first version of the Z10 either and I agree they lost direction badly in the enterprise. The battery life of the Z10 was poor compared to the old Bolds. It eventually became useful but it definitely suffered from “first prototype” syndrome. The Z30 is really good though. take care and thanks again for the conversation.

  13. I could have sworn their MDM solution is leading market… not talking about handsets….Im not worried about blackberry right now at all they are heading in the right direction…im just curious to see their roadmap for 2015 because that is when we will see the powerhouse touch screen phones.

  14. iOS has the market share lead in the enterprise. iOS has 67%, Android 32% and Windows Phone is %1. The Blackberry OS is not even listed.

    Q2 2013 BB shipped 5.7 million units, Q2 2014 they shipped 1.9 million.

    We can see in the next quarters numbers release how big of a bump they receive from their lower price headsets.

  15. Thank you for the information on this. I hope Blackberry survives and grows as an organization. The day I got my first Blackberry was almost mind blowing with what it could do and I still rate the Bold as one of my favorite phones ever.

    I actually lead the team that does mobile device management for my company and just recently we switched off the last Blackberry handset and decommissioned our BES. We did test out the Z10 and gave out a couple of test units but no one in our company decided to keep them. When the end users have a choice from what I have seen it is always iOS or Android, it was not cost effective to maintain a BES infrastructure for just 2 users.

    Blackberry was also late to the cloud WDM SaaS game which hurt them. All of our device management is done in the cloud now. The massive outage also really hurt us, it was hard for us as an IT department do justify sticking with BBs when during the outage people with Android and iPhones were working fine but all the BBs went down.

  16. I don’t know about losing hold in the enterprise market since they have more market share than any other vendor plus with BES 12. Now this has changed in terms of battery pulls and so on and that is my point and in terms of the perception is still there I will blame blackberry for that for not advertising the OS capabilities…their keep moving commercials was dumb and showcased nothing of the phone….Remember this and remember this well…the Z3 released in emerging markets is selling so their market share is increasing….to increase market share it takes time…especially with the Z10 being so cheap and 10.3.1 coming out their market share will continue to increase.

    Stop using BB past against them they are re inventing themselves and in the mobile industry it takes time no way BB10 in under 2 years will take over android and iOS with a new OS and still maturing eco system that takes time….

    John Chen isn’t a fool but all the previous management was…I despised was the previous owners (we know who they are) ruined that company for being close minded and under estimating the iPhone….

    But look at the market now you font see negative press anymore as much as you did before things are finally changing :).

  17. The problem Blackberry has is that they lost the hold they used to have in the enterprise market. They now have less than 1% share of handset sales, once users were allowed to pick devices with newer MDM software controlling them they all switched away from BB headsets.

    I will repeat it, Blackberry headsets were known for freezing. If you owned a BB how many battery pulls did you used to have to do? This might have changed but the perception is still there. That and the Storm handsets destroyed the BB brand.

  18. Can you send me some info on that? Airwatch is the fastest growing MDM provider from all the stats I have seen.

    Last thing I saw Blackberry services revenue was still declining. It is even hard to find any information on them as they have become such a niche player in the handset space.

  19. Trust me man listen I’ve been using devices since the 90’s ive gone through tons and tons of phones…..Android only thing that makes it good is customization and widgets….but as a everyday phone for tasks like multi tasking…unified messaging….simple use…productivity… is not the phone to use….without 3rd party apps the OS itself is useless!!!! I know I’ve used bone stock android and its a boring plain OS….

  20. I tired a Note 2. its wonky interface is too messy, nothing is where you would expect it. Setting up email is a joke, cant even sync subfolders of contacts. Active sync constantly fails.

  21. Exactly…android world is getting boring now just a bump in specs and that’s it….it doesn’t change the user experience at all…..a BB Z30 will run circles around quad core android phones all day in terms of performance….

  22. Notification hub- Android does have it but it still opens the app as with BB10 HUB you stay in the hub and its much much quicker and with android you still need to hold the home button and close those apps since they do take up RAM and with BB10 we dont need to do this…the home button is so 2007 my friend…

    Peek Gesture- Android has nothing like this at all so try again

    Active Frames- Android Doesnt have this

    Blackberry Blend- Android has nothing like this where you can connect your phone to your tablet or PC and get your email….sms…bbm…calendar….etc on your computer….so try again..

    3450 mAh battery- only a select few has a battery this big…..but Note 4…S5…iPhone 6….HTC m8…all the flagship android and apple devices dont have a battery this big

    Time Shift Camera- Android doesnt have this and if they do it would be a 3rd party app so doesnt count.

    Blackberry Balance- Again android doesnt have this where you can split your personal apps and data from your work.

    Toast Notifications- While android might have it as a 3rd party app you cannot reply within the toast while with BB10 you can….so android try again.

    Miracast- Android does have this so ill give you that

    Customizable LED- Android Does have it

    HDMI out- I dont think ive ever seen a phone with HDMI out….just a few perhaps but mainly they are MHL connections so this is 50/50 since android flagships dont have HDMI out but MHL

    So you said most which clearly this isnt the case you have 2 or 3 points out of 12.

    and I can testify to this since I own both android and BB10 and personally I dislike android for so many reasons…

    Plus one thing buddy and I always tell android users this…..


    BB10 is a closed optimized OS…look at the Z30 in terms of performance it will run circles with any quad core android out there…I own one and I know this is a fact.

    Look at the iphone 5s…performance in terms of how smooth the OS is ….MURDERS ANDROID!!! So again specs only matter to android users and android phones not other OS’s buddy…

  23. Buddy you are talking about legacy java based BBOS …….BB10 is completely different and runs on QNX a micro-kernel OS….please use BB10 before judging because the moment you said blackberry are famous for freezing you lost your credibality right there since BB10 doesnt “freeze” or have an hours glass like before. Two completely different OS buddy and I use android….android has nothing on BB10….BB10 is far superior…

  24. Android already has most of the features listed and some are better on android the others are better on BB10. There are android phones with battery sizes verry close and in my opinion smaller batteries can be good, but the 3450 is a verry good spot to be. Every other feature can be added by applications. Yes yes black berry already has them, but having a separate application can make any feature more customizable. Also the Nexus will probably be cheaper and higher in specs. Not to mention that the nexus will get a brand new android version, which could be bigger than the developer version.

  25. Hi Tom. I really don’t want to get into a he said she said look at this link argument. You are intelligent enough to do your own research if you wish to….However

    with regards to deployments of BES10

    With regards to the most effective mobile OS.

    I recognise that Gartner has no love for BlackBerry since they put out an article advising companies to change from BES during the period when the previous CEO tried to sell the company. You know what, they were right and I did look, BlackBerry in late 2012 was a shambles, lurching from one disaster to the next. The company and management team that exists today is a different organisation. The link up with Nant Health, Secusmart and that recent acquisition of the virtual sim company Movirtu were great moves.

    Ref freezing. We activated a fleet of Z30’s in January after a year long testing process of other MDM/device combinations. out of all of them the log files show that only one has been rebooted in 9 months.
    I am not trying to convince you to change your handset, I am sure you are perfectly happy with it. If you have an interest the next qtr earnings and announcements will go live this Friday. If you have time you could listen in. It isn’t a glitzy bash but you might get an idea of where the company is going.

  26. The reason why bes revenue is dropping is because the new BlackBerry 10 phones don’t require a separate fee for accessing the BlackBerry network. With the legacy software, I was paying an extra $30 per month for the BlackBerry service. That’s no longer the case.

    Naturally, anyone moving from pre-BB10 to BB10 would stop paying that additional fee and cause a reduction in said revenue. It doesn’t necessarily mean that people are jumping ship.

    The latest BES manages iOS, Android, Windows, and of course, BlackBerry phones. BlackBerry is the largest MDM provider, larger than the next three competitors combined.

  27. Blackberry browser also has nifty useful features reader mode is excellent integration to numerous social apps and apps such as Remember make the browser really good in its own way.

  28. Hi Tom, I tried sending you a Web link, but it’s not letting me? if you search BB10 awards, you will see many for design and operating system. (‘Inside Blackberry’ website has all of them. ) Second of all, yes, old BB07 had a few issues. I can tell you honestly that the six BB10’s in my family have never had a freezing issue. You need to understand that BB10 was built from scratch on the QXN Kernel. This is the same operating system trusted on the Space Shuttle, Millions of cars, medical equipment etc….etc…. Anyways, the only time I had to restart my BB10 Z10 or Z30 was for major software upgrades.

  29. Hey Tom. First of all, if you search BB10 awards, you will see many for design and operating system. Second of all, yes, old BB07 had a few issues. I can tell you honestly that the six BB10’s in my family have never had a freezing issue. You need to understand that BB10 was built from scratch on the QXN Kernel. This is the same operating system trusted on the Space Shuttle, Millions of cars, medical equipment etc….etc…. Here is a link to one of many awards. (source on same page)

  30. I did not say it was not the fastest, I just said Chrome was a great mobile browser which it is.

    Chrome has many features that the Blackberry browser does not have and you have to remember load times are not the overall rating for a browser. If you just want fast load times switch to a text only browser.

  31. I was looking for some sort of non anecdotal study done on it. I have found in the past that BBs had a terrible issue with freezing and needing battery pulls.

    That might have changed but I can find no evidence of it.

    Can you point me to a study showing it is a more stable OS?

  32. Simply not true again. BB10 phones (expect for a small batch of Z10’s at launch Jan 2013) all work beautifully. My family has a total of 6, my work place has over 30 and we are all happy as can be with performance. Now, a few people in our work place have had problems with Android, but I’m not going to say all Android users have the same issue. That’s ridiculous.

  33. Your claims on BB10 are simply wrong. There is no way BlackBerry 10 along with 4 of their devices could have won the awards if this is true. Please, if you don’t like something, fine. No need to make up lies and trash them to make yourself somehow feel better.

  34. Both impressive. I’m going for the Passport though. BB10 is such a great Muti-tasking operating system and the Passport launches with 10.3 for even an better experience. Everything else just seems outdated after using BlackBerry 10’s hub. It’s no wonder BlackBerry 10 won two top honors for best operating system. It’s a real shame people don’t know about it.

  35. Really??????? Show me the link. BlackBerry 10 browser time and time again has been found to be fastest browser even faster than desktop. Chrome provided a link to back it up. I have used both android and blackberry 10 and I am a pediatrician and hard core techie the multitasking on the blackberry is lightyears ahead of android work flow is faster. Android file system is meh also finding files is a chore on any android device on a blackberry it’s a snap.

  36. Frank, you didn’t mention that all the features above are part of the BB10 OS. This is not one of these “there’s an app for this” scenario that comes with all the problems of needing an app for everything basic….

  37. This is from 2013 and the numbers were worse this year. Service revenue is what Blackberry receives from BES subscriptions.

    “BlackBerry said that it expects the next quarter service revenues to decline by about 12% sequentially which translates to a y-o-y decline of about 35%. So far this year, the y-o-y decline has been around 25%.”

    Could you point me to something saying that this has changed?

    According to Gartner AirWatch leads Blackberry in MDM market share which means Blackberry is no longer the leader in the space.

    Blackberry has such a small market share in devices that I cannot find a good breakdown of the crash numbers for it but I did find a few reports that Android KitKat is the most stable mobile OS.

    Could you point me to some independent testing sites that say OS10 is the most stable?

  38. I am not saying that Android phones are bad, they are I think the Android Phones are mostly nice devices.
    However your statement regarding BES reducing its market share is wrong, It is by far the biggest player in the marketplace and its share is increasing. Your claim regarding OS10 freezing is incorrect, it is by far the newest and most stable OS in the smartphone market (QNX based). I said we used the devices for work, therefore security and control is critical. I am not going to badmouth Android App security or vulnerabilities because it is a consumer device and so what if it is insecure. However I am sure you are more than capable of searching online if you wish. I suspect you won’t though.

  39. The Nexus 6 and Android in general has the same –

    HDMI out and Chromecast
    BES is good but it might be a declining technology, many corporations are getting away from BES infrastructure
    Remote access through an app on the desktop, Google drive syncs without needing this
    Battery life is also good
    Virtual keyboards can be changed to fit the user
    Google Hangouts is great and device agnostic
    Chrome is a great mobile browser
    Android also offers full remote printing support
    The app might be built in but it still needs an app
    Android does this
    Blackberries are famous for freezing

    Do not forget Google Amps is great for navigation. Google Now is a great feature to have, especially for business use. Android has a much better app selection.

  40. Hello anonymous “Somebody” My oh my, you really are an angry person. All those shouty caps could be considered rude.
    While I am sure the Nexus is a perfectly nice consumer smartphone and is comparable with all the other perfectly nice consumer smartphones it is not optimised for work. I use my phone for work and currently use a BlackBerry Z30, I have instructed my suppliers to provide me with a Passport ASAP.

    The reasons why our business found OS10 are Superior (for work) is mostly for the reasons Matt below has outlined below but let me add.
    The HDMI/Miracast is great for Presentations, I now no longer need to take a laptop on over seas trips
    Security through BES is the Best in class
    I have secure remote access to files on computer from anywhere in the world
    The Battery life of the Z30 is quite good, the Passport is supposed to be better
    The virtual typing is recognised as one of the best in the industry
    Video wifi calling via BBM is flawless and has never dropped on me
    The Browser is recognised as one of the fastest available.
    Full support for remote printing
    Full support for all doc types (Adobe Word, Excel etc without apps)
    Full support for USB OTG
    Bullet proof microkernel OS that never freezes or needs a reboot (unlike the older guys)
    And for me the biggest draw is the communications hub, its fantastic

  41. Let us know when the Nexus gets…

    Notification Hub
    Peek Gesture
    Active Frames
    BlackBerry Blend
    3450mAh Battery
    Media Convenience Buttons
    Time Shift Camera
    BlackBerry Balance
    Toast Notifications
    Miracast Display (DLNA)
    Customizable Notification LED
    HDMI out

  42. First off, the number after Nexus (4, 5, 7, 10) refer to the SCREEN SIZE, not the iteration. At 5.2 inches, the next Nexus phone will again be called the Nexus 5, just as there have been TWO Nexus 7’s.

    Well, if you want an unstable, unreliable, ugly, incompatible mess with blackbox (read as “no”) security, go for the blackberry. If you want a performant, reliable, secure, and useful *SMART*phone, go with the nexus.

    Also, that blackberry is roughly (hardware spec wise) equivalent to Nexus 5 (2013). Its not even worth comparing it to the Nexus 5 (2014), which blows it out of the water in BOTH hardware AND software. Really, trying to compare blackberry OS with ANYTHING is a mistake, since it can’t even hold its own against PalmOS (think roughly 2004).

    The only reason why RIM made it (temporarily) as a business device, is because they existed during a period of TIME when there was literally NO COMPETITION. From 2005 through 2007, there were, quite literally, ZERO smartphones available on the market. RIM phones are not and never were actual smartphones — they are just EMAIL phones. If you wanted your employees on the road to be able to send and receive emails, that was literally your only option.

    Now that Android exists, they are going away.

    And good riddance.

  43. Passport is fresh. Nexus seems like more of the same with better specs.

    Between The BB10.3 OS, the wide screen and the touch sensitive Qwerty, the passport is like nothing anyone has seen before. I can see where a business user would love it.

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