BlackBerry Ltd Passport U.S. Launch Event In November [REPORT]

BlackBerry Ltd NASDAQ:BBRY TSE:BB’s Passport is just days away from being officially released at three events around the world. Smartphone fans and the media are invited to attend events in Toronto, London and Dubai on Sept. 24. However, the Canadian smartphone maker has decided not to host any launch event in the U.S., at least for now.

BlackBerry Ltd Passport U.S. Launch Event In November [REPORT]

U.S. launch later

BlackBerry’s New York team will be present at the Canada event to represent the company. One probable reason for the no show in the U.S. might be that the Passport is still not ready for the country, and the latest rumors suggest that the phone will not be available in the country until February 2015, says a report from N4BB.

BlackBerry launched its Z30 model in Malaysia, and the reason cited was the increasing user base in the country, which has risen by 300%. The company launched the phone in mid-September last year. followed by the debut in the U.S. on Verizon Wireless in mid-November. The U.S. version of the Passport is expected to follow a similar timeline, says the report.

The BlackBerry Passport will be a premium product, and according to a few reports, the phone will come with a price tag of over $700. The Passport’s premium and gold versions will cost even more. The company mentioned on its blog that on Sept. 24 there will be three launch events in the presence of the Inside BlackBerry team, along with an exclusive list of media and industry guests.

BlackBerry passport features

The BlackBerry Passport is a one-of-its-kind smartphone with s 1440×1440 pixel density, a 4.5-inch display, an innovative touch-enabled keyboard, four microphones, and stereo speakers. The phone has a battery power of 3450mAh, which is enough to run the smartphone for a whole day. The phone will run on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 chipset with a 2.2 GHz quad-core CPU aided by 3GB of RAM.

There has been a lot of discussion over the odd shape and size of the Blackberry Passport, but the company is targeting professionals across several fields, from businessmen to doctors, with this flagship handset. For instance, the company has shown an image of a chest x-ray on the device, suggesting how efficient the large screen will be for medical imagery, technical schematics, spreadsheets and other documents. The Canadian company believes that the innovative touch-enabled keyboard will allow users to communicate clearly and precisely.

  • Joshua

    Blackberry NEVER had any debt whatsoever. People are morons who follow the cows into the pasture for slaughter.
    Blackberry still has over 110 million users and is the most secure operating mobile system on earth. The physical keyboard is easier to type on than touchscreen and faster too. E-mail notifications are faster than iOS and Android as well. Blackberry will be fine and do well. Mark my words


    Re: ” People just preferred a larger screen,” that’s my point the physical keyboard takes up room that otherwise could be a bigger screen. If lets say a touchscreen keyboard could not be put away then yes I would like a physical keyboard. The fact that the touch keyboard can be put away is what made is popular. Do you not understand this??

  • JohnnyBeGood

    Their demise had nothing to do with the physical keyboard. People just preferred a larger screen, “premium” build quality. I had a Bold and was very productive with it thanks to the keyboard. I had then switch to iPhones, now on the 5s. But i will switch back to the new Classic or Passport.

    Have you tried typing on the virtual keyboard without having to look at the screen? I can do it just fine with the Blackberry’s physical keyboard. Very handy feature for me.

  • bigshynepo

    Blackberry offers a full touch device for people with thinking like yours. Then again, people with thinking like yours won’t consider buying a Blackberry until it’s the cool thing to own again. The Q10 is a hugely productive, stable and compatible phone…I love running android apps easily on mine, with great battery life and that perfect keyboard you’re hating on.


    Its due to the square design of the handset, that will prompt the device to flop including the physical keyboard. Why didn’t Blackberry learn their lesson when the Q10 flopped, why are they still stuck on the physical keyboard design in which caused Blackberry’s demise in the first place?? This is a repeat of history from what Thorsten tried to do, does this mean that SP will also suffer the same fate as it did just after the launch of BB10 and devices?? I think so.