Baidu PC Faster Software Downloads Surpass 70M

Baidu PC Faster Software Downloads Surpass 70M

Chinese search engine giant Baidu Inc (ADR) (NASDAQ:BIDU) announced Monday that its PC optimization software called ‘Baidu PC Faster’ has reached a new level of popularity. Over 70 million people have downloaded the software worldwide. Since last year, the software has gained immense popularity in North America, Europe, South America and Southeast Asia.

Baidu PC Faster gaining popularity worldwide

The recently released version 5.0 of Baidu PC Faster has a sleek new design, enhanced WiFi hotspot, and improvements to cleaning and optimization features. The Beijing-based company said the newest version shaves off four more seconds off a PC’s boot-up time compared to its predecessor. Its WiFi hotspot allows users to turn their computers into hotspot for smartphones and tablets.

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Baidu PC Faster team leader Justin Gao said the version 5.0 of PC Faster lets users make their PCs as fast as new with just one click. It eliminates unnecessary boot-up items, memory needlessly tied up with background processes and useless files left over by previously installed programs. Earlier this week, Baidu launched a Kickstarter-style investment fund called Baifa Youxi.

The new fund will help small investors participate in funding of big-budget movie projects. For this, the company has partnered with DeHeng law firm and Taiwan’s Central Picture Corporation. Baifa Youxi will allow ordinary investors to put up as little as RMB10 in movie projects and earn yields of up to 16% depending on the movie’s box office performance.

Baidu working with Altera

Baidu Inc (ADR) (NASDAQ:BIDU) is also working with Altera Corporation (NASDAQ:ALTR) to on using convolutional neutral network (CNN) algorithms and FPGAs for deep learning applications. These applications are expected to play a crucial role in the development of faster and more accurate online search. Altera demonstrated the project on September 22 at the High Performance Computing for Wall Street conference.

Baidu shares jumped 1.13% to $217.29 at 11:45 AM EDT on Tuesday. The stock has rallied over 25% this year so far.

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