Apple Inc. Probes Nude Photos Release After iCloud Hack

Apple Inc. Probes Nude Photos Release After iCloud Hack

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) announced that it is probing into the iCloud hacking incident and the susceptibility of the app after reports of iCloud being used to break into the accounts of celebrities and release nude photos publicly, says a report from The Wall Street Journal. Firsthand comments from the media show that an individual account on iCloud triggered the hack. Through iCloud, Apple users can store photos, music and other data online.Apple iCloud Mail Outage

Hackers exploited a vulnerability

Nat Kerris, a spokeswoman for the Cupertino, Calif.-based Apple, said that the company gives highest importance to user privacy and is investigating the matter actively.

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A user came across a bug in Apple Inc.’s Find My iPhone service, an app used for relocating a lost phone and deactivating it remotely if stolen, says a posting on online code-sharing site GitHub.  The report said that the bug allowed the hacker to repeatedly punch in codes until the right one was identified. Usually the device is locked after typing in the wrong code for a set number of times to prevent a “brute-force” attack.

Rich Mogull, executive of security research and advisory firm Securosis, said it is likely that hackers took advantage of that vulnerability. Mogull said that as of now, nothing could be established with surety and added that there are possibilities that the hacker got in through individual accounts rather than breaking the Apple system. He said that hacking Apple’s entire iCloud system comes as a shock to him, if true.

Apple iCloud a comfort, but risky

Celebrities whose accounts were compromised include actress Jennifer Lawrence and model Kate Upton. Another actress, Mary E. Winstead, posted on Twitter that the hackers got their hands on photos she took with her husband last year in their home and was deleted. Actress and singer Victoria Justice alleged that the nude photos of her that were released in the hacking were fake.

In its statement, the FBI said it knows about the scandal of hacking the app for releasing material belonging to high-profile individuals. Clifford Neuman, director of the University of Southern California’s Center for Computer Systems Security, said that while it’s a comfort that data from personal devices is now saved over the cloud, it’s also a risk.

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  1. Apple’s servers weren’t hacked but instead hackers figured out what a few celebs passwords were and got into their accounts stealing some pictures. Use stronger passwords and turn on two-step authentication and it wouldn’t have happened.

  2. Nothing is secure! Just in case you were off planet when the Edward Snowden Scandal came to light, there is really no such thing as 100% secure file storage if its connected to the internet. (Especially if you use any third party storage…) I store EVERYTHING on a portable hard drive… and disconnect it when I am not using it.. You can get a terabyte portable hard drive for around $150.00, I never have to worry about losing anything or anyone stealing my files…and I don’t pay a monthly fee..

    Hell, I don’t even really use my “smart phone”. My old dumb-one is good enough for me and its cheaper. It’s a waste of money just like so many other things in America like student loans (get a cheap education!), expensive car insurance (my $25/month policy from Insurance Panda is good enough for me), and fast food (who wants to pay $10 for a Chipotle burrito?!?).

    Also – One way to completely ensure there are no bad photos of yourself that could wind up in an embarrassing situations is to NOT take them. Seems pretty logical to me…

  3. US journalist suffers hack attack via Apple iCloud

    Apple’s iCloud co-ordinates data across devices but cut one journalist off from his digital life

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    Dropbox details security breach

    Towards an unstealable object

    Apple joins the ‘in cloud’ Watch

    A US tech journalist was cut off from his entire digital life by attackers who tricked Apple support into re-setting his iCloud account.

    The attack wiped Mat Honan’s iPad, iPhone and Macbook and let hackers into his Gmail and Twitter accounts.

    Mr Honan is recovering his data and regaining control of the accounts with the help of Apple and Google.

    Commentators said the attack showed up the risk of using cloud-based messaging services.

    Locked out

    Writing on his blog, Mr Honan said he became aware of the attack when his iPhone went dead and then returned to the set-up screen. Initially he assumed it was just a software error and went to connect it to this Macbook Air to restore the data.

    His suspicions became aroused when the laptop started and asked him for a PIN even though he had never created one on that device. He turned to his iPad and found that too had been reset.

    Mr Honan then called Apple support using his wife’s iPhone and used her laptop to sign into Gmail. The password for this had been changed and the backup sent to his iCloud account – to which he no longer had access.

    “Start Quote

    We just have to keep on trusting our providers to keep us safe”Derrick Harris GigaOm

    It was this attack, said Mr Honan, that produced the rude messages that briefly appeared on the Twitter account of Gizmodo – Mr Honan’s employer. The attackers got access to this account because it was linked to his personal Twitter feed.

    Mr Honan has been able to find out exactly what happened because one of his attackers, a member of a hacking group called Clan Vv3, got in touch and told him how they did it.

    The hackers called Apple technical support and used “social engineering” techniques to convince staff that they were Mr Honan and that the account needed to be re-set.

    Via Gizmodo, Mr Honan has been in touch with contacts at Apple, Google and Twitter who have helped restore access to his accounts. He said Apple was investigating the incident to see how to prevent future attacks.

    Derrick Harris at tech news site GigaOm said the attack highlighted some “hard truths” about cloud-based services.

    Mr Harris said consumers gave up control over their digital lives when they signed for iCloud or similar services. The iCloud service co-ordinates everything a customer does on one Apple device to make it available on all their Apple devices.

    “If we want to be part of it, we just have to keep on trusting our providers to keep us safe,” he said.


  4. hackers are having a field day with apple crapple Imagine what they would do with your online banking they can steal your ID and clean out your accounts……….APPLE NO MORE

  5. See Your Favorite Celebrities Nude, Thanks To iCloud!

    Posted by Brad on August 31, 2014

    That’s right, Apple’s iCloud, that oh so wonderful cloud service that iPhonians hold so dear, appears to have been hacked once again. And the result is a slew of celebrity nudes are being circulated across the internets. Earlier today the news started spreading on 4Chan that through an iCloud hack, numerous personal nude pics of a slew of celebutantes were now appearing for public consumption.

    According to Mashable, the list of stolen photos include:

    Aly and AJ Michalka, Aubrey Plaza, Abby Elliott, Avril Lavigne, Amber Heard, Brie Larson, Candice Swanepoel, Cara Delevigne, Emily Ratjakowski, Farrah Abraham, Gabrielle Union, Hayden Pannettiere, Hope Solo, Hillary Duff, Jenny McCarthy, Kayley Cuoco, Kate Upton, Kate Bosworth, Keke Palmer, Kim Kardashian, Kirsten Dunst, Krysten Ritter, Lea Michele, Lizzy Caplan, Mary Kate Olsen, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Rihanna, Scarlet Johansson, Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, Wynona Ryder, Alison Brie and Dave Franco.

    Quite a list eh? Picture after picture taken with that iPhone camera we’re always hearing so much about?

    With Jennifer Lawrence’s rep’s already threatening to prosecute anyone posting “the stolen photos of Jennifer Lawrence” and Mary E. Winstead Tweeting “To those of you looking at photos I took with my husband years ago in the privacy of our home, hope you feel great about yourselves.” it appears the photos are authentic. Also to note, Mary E. Winstead also tweeted “Knowing those photos were deleted long ago, I can only imagine the creepy effort that went into this. Feeling for everyone who got hacked.” This is particularly frightening. She believes the photos to have been deleted. Did she forget to delete them from iCloud? Does iCloud store information much like Apple does with Siri requests?

    Important to note also, stolen private photos will make the headlines. We shall all read about it, and they will be passed around faster than I can finish writing this post. But what of non-celebrities? Are we to believe that only celebrity photos and information was obtained? Should iCloud users continue to feel safe storing their naughties out there in the cloud? Is it too late to remove them and feel safe?

    One thing should come out of this. This should raise a lot of questions about Apple security. It should really make people think twice about their trust in this huge company that only sees the consumer as potential dollar signs. And let’s hope we get a real investigation to the bottom of this, and not just more dust to be swept under the rug, i.e. DoulCi, Oleg Pliss, and any number of other hacks we’ve seen come and be forgotten. Share this story with your iFriends, they need to know, just in case it’s not too late for them.

    And Jennifer, Mary, and all the others listed up there? The BlackBerry Passport shall be arriving soon. Very soon. I would recommend it

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