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Windows 9 Unveiling Expected September 30

Windows 9 could be the focus of a special event that’s expected to be held on or around Sept. 30, according to The Verge. The website reports that its sources say the date could change. However, they add that Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) is planning to not only show off the new version of the operating system but also release a preview version to developers, possibly on the same day as the press event or else not long after it.

What to expect in the Windows 9 preview

The Sept. 30 date is in line with other reports we heard recently that suggested a late September or early October unveiling and preview release date. In the preview version of Windows 9, developers will get the first look at all the operating system has to offer. It’s expected that Microsoft will integrate a new mini Start Menu and remove the Charms bar that pops up from the right side. The company is also said to be working on other changes for the user interface.

There have also been rumors about Microsoft’s Cortana digital assistant being integrated into Windows 9, but that might not happen with the preview version. The company could include an early version of it in Windows 9 Threshold, as it is reportedly putting together builds that do include it. However, it’s unclear whether Cortana will end up being in the final preview version that gets released.

What might be revealed about Windows 9 next month?

At the expected press event, Microsoft has been said to be planning to show off just a general overview of Windows 9’s new features. In addition, the company has also been said to be creating a separate version of Windows that integrates Windows Phone with Windows RT. If this rumor is true, it’s possible that Microsoft will also show off what it has done on this project so far.

Along with the report that Windows 9 would be unveiled in September or October, it was said that the rumored preview version will be available to consumers as well as developers. However, this new report from The Verge doesn’t specifically address that, as it focuses mainly on developers working with the preview. But whoever decides to install the preview version of Windows 9 will undoubtedly have to accept all updates up to and including the final consumer version. Microsoft is expected to quickly push out updates to ensure that what happened with Windows 8 doesn’t repeat itself with Windows 9.


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