Tesla Motors Inc NASDAQ:TSLA famously abandoned its Lotus-based Roadster in 2012 with many calling suggesting the decision was the death knells of the EV company rather than the company’s stated intention of focusing on both the Model S and Model X. The former has been nothing but a resounding success both critically and for the future of the company proving the early doubters of both Tesla and its founder Elon Musk shortsighted if not just downright wrong.

Tesla To Reinvent The Roadster With Model R In 2017 [REPORT]

Tesla Roadster’s return: Really? 2017?

And now the website Autobild is calling for both the Roadster’s return as the Model R and a city (only) car to be called the Model C.

Given that Elon Musk recently hinted that Tesla is “not currently showing all our cards,” it’s certainly in the realm of possibility but today has shown that Tesla still has myriad critics. Personally, and for the purpose of full disclosure, I no longer own any Tesla stock having tripled my investment and closed my position, in hindsight, far too soon. So I’m not going to add to this skepticism today.

Other priorities?

Now that Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) is enjoying the success its deserved, a high-end Roadster by any name is not on the list of things Tesla needs to accomplish. The company needs to get its “Gigafactories” online and delivering more and more cars each year. It’s continued success will require volume in addition to fantastic cars and the infrastructure to support more and more hundreds of thousands purchasing “free gas” for the life of the car and their ownership.

Chief designer Franz von Holzhausen has said that the next Roadster will “show what Tesla can do.” That certainly has something to do with the fact that Musk called the decision to base the Roadster on the Lotus as a mistake.

But the promised improvements on a fantastic car is tantalizingly frightening. Early rumors are calling for 0-60 acceleration in under four seconds with a range of 250 miles. That is genius, and maybe something Tesla should focus on getting into garages. The fact remains it won’t and shouldn’t.