Tesla Motors Inc Model S Has Few Problems: Consumer Reports

Tesla Motors Inc NASDAQ:TSLA Model S has bagged almost every award to prove its superiority over other luxury sedans, but a few minor problems have cropped up. On Monday, Consumer Reports noted that although the Model S is an idela car according to some, the long-range electric car has some minor irritating traits.

No cut in ratings for Tesla

To begin with, there are the car’s peculiar door handles, which are automatically extended once the driver reaches the car or touches the handle. However, these handles did not always work the way they were supposed to. The EV manufacturer has, however, managed to overcome the problem through a software update.

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Even before the completion of 12,000 miles, after which the car is recommended for servicing, the center screen went blank in some vehicles. Unlike other cars, where the screen is meant for the stereo playing, the screen in Tesla Motors Inc NASDAQ:TSLA vehicles has multi-functions and some of them are critical. The issue was, however, resolved by the repair center, according to Consumer Report. There was also a minor problem with the trunk latch.

The report noted that it would be unfair to downgrade the cars “average” rating before evaluating the owners response to the annual survey. To date, the Tesla Motors Inc NASDAQ:TSLA Model S has had “decent reliability” and still holds the honor of being one of the best new cars tested by the Consumer Reports.

Musk acknowledged the issues

Tesla Motors Inc NASDAQ:TSLA CEO Elon Musk did admit that the sedan has some issues while he was in conversation with analysts last month.

“We definitely had some quality issues in the beginning,” he said, mostly because the company was “figuring out how to make the Model S.”

According to Musk, there was a problem with vibration in the cars as a result of a loose cable, which was easily resolved. He also noted that there were a considerable number of cars where a shim needed to be fitted, which is a small round piece of metal like washer or spacer for solving minor problems in the car.

Similarly, Cars.com also found some issues with the Model S including the door handles. The website also reported that the moon roof of the car shuts down with a irritating sound, and sometimes when the turn signal was in operation, a warning appeared showing that it was not.