Tesla Motors Inc Accused Of “Organized Crime”

Tesla Motors Inc Accused Of “Organized Crime”
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Most investors are aware that Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) is a highly polarizing stock. But it seems that the company itself has brought the crazy conspiracy theorists out of the woodwork. A group calling itself Phase 2: Project Axciom suggests that Tesla has bribed lawmakers and is involved in organized crime. Well hold the presses.

Anti-Tesla group strikes again

Months ago, a group circulated flyers around San Francisco with these same sorts of claims. Now what’s probably the same group calls Tesla’s car a “toxic Tesla crime-mobile” and claims that it is “full of lies and cancer causing [sic] materials.” The group also accuses some of the most popular media outlets of owning Tesla shares and perhaps trying to pump up the automaker’s stock.

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One of those on the list is Autobloggreen, which states that its workers aren’t even allowed to own Tesla stock.

Tesla accused of bribing lawmakers

The group suggests that five senators, eight “Senior Agency Staff” members and two “White House Staff” members were all bribed to allow Tesla’s cars on the street. They also claim that some of the automakers workers have seen “organized crime on a first hand [sic] basis.”

In addition, the group points to the handful of fires and accidents involving Tesla cars and claims that no one wants them except the company’s investors and “douche-bag surgeons who then crash them and kill people.”

Flyers handed out

In April, after circulating the initial flyers, the group posted on the so-called Somo News blog some information it claims to have fact-checked. The group points to all the media comments calling it a bunch of “crack-pots” (and the same sorts of comments are being made now, obviously).

The post states, “Lithium ion batteries blog up if they get wet or bumped.” Seems like a strange comment to make since a lithium battery inside a car is certainly going to be bumped around quite a bit. The group adds that Tesla’s cars have more than “7000 chances of having a catastrophic fire” because its battery packs have over 7,000 batteries in them. In addition, it points to “tens of thousands of lithium ion battery fires and explosions.”

And the list goes on and on. Honestly I feel bad for anyone who’s taking this group seriously. A closer look at the supposed list of “proof” via the links provided at the bottom of the page shows only links to direct pages on specifically anti-Tesla websites or blogs. The other links to more reputable sites like the Los Angeles Times and the Government Accountability Office take you to their home pages rather than any specific story about Tesla. This suggests there’s nothing to find on these websites and that they’re merely fluff links provided in an attempt to give the group’s claims some legitimacy.

Below is the full statement:



BRIBED: 5 Senators, 8 Senior Agency Staff and 2 White House Staff.

Why do “YOU” want to be a part of that? Let’s examine the facts and details …

… Some of the people involved have worked at Tesla and claim to have witnessed: “Organized crime on a first hand basis.”

Two members have subscriptions to the Axciom Privacy Abuse database. They thought: “hmmm, why not use something evil for good purposes by helping to inform, and save, hapless Tesla owners who got screwed during the information Green-wash!”

Members found out that major media outlet owners (Engadget, Google, AUTOBLOG GREEN, Gizmodo, Jalopnik, etc.) had stock in the Tesla and battery cartels and, thus, covered up the first investigation results.

They want to clean the market more completely than an email “accident” on an IRS Hard Drive.

Does that sound like a big project? It isn’t! After nearly a decade and billions of dollars of your tax money, Tesla has only sold .5% of the cars that their competing electric, or gas cars have sold for the same investments in time and dollars. Nobody wants a Tesla except Tesla’s investors and douche-bag surgeons who then crash them and kill people. So, relatively speaking, there are not that many people to hunt down.

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  1. I suspect some of the claims might be false, some of the claims seem to be exaggerations or half-truths. Some of the claims are true.

    IE Tesla batteries have some toxic and hazardous materials like heavy metals that are thought to be cancer-causing and cause neurological/brain damage and mental illness.

    According to TESLA, the high voltage battery (lithium-ion battery) can release toxic vapors; including sulfuric acid, oxides of carbon, nickel, aluminum, lithium, copper, and cobalt.

    A few examples of ignorance and lies a Tesla shill has spammed:

    WeaponZero “There are no toxic heavy metals in a lithium ion battery”

    WeaponZero “lithium ion batteries do not pose risk if they are land filled”

    WeaponZero “lithium ion batteries are non-toxic”

    WeaponZero “As I mentioned before, heavy metals are not a bad thing just because they are heavy metals. Lithium ion batteries are considered non-toxic. The CEO of BYD even drank one”.

    WeaponZero “if a battery is discharged and not being used, even if compacted there is no issue.”

    WeaponZero “landfill fires have nothing to do with lithium ion batteries”

    WeaponZero “I have done way more research on manufacturing of batteries and heavy metals than you.”

  2. No I cannot, because I do not know Tesla. But I do know how organized crime works & how long-reaching it’s tentacles really are. This Book McMafia exposes how crime syndicates network with globally. They are involved in so much more than we realize. It would appear, sadly, that money talks & everyone has their price. (sigh)

  3. Can you give the the cliff notes on how it applies to Tesla? I’m a little short on time and a little long on prospective reading lists.

  4. You need to read ‘McMafia’, a National Best Seller my friend, author Misha Glenny & get all the facts. (A Journey through the global criminal underworld)

  5. Sure, organized crime has a pretty far reach. Thing is, in most cases there’s some kind of paper trail. And you can’t just point your finger in a random direction and find organized crime. You need some sort of evidence. This is just baseless accusations. I could accuse your grandmother of ties to the mob and it would have exactly as much merit.

    There’s no attempt whatsoever to back these claims, just a laundry list of unsupported finger pointing. I’m fully in support of whistle blowers, even on a company in which I own stock. But they need to be able to actually back what they say. And I’m sorry, but the tone of these guys looks like every other conspiracy theorist I’ve read. And trust me, I’ve dug into plenty of those and they have almost universally turned out to have precisely zero actual evidence. Just a lot of non-expert opinion. I have similarly low hopes of this having any merit. I’ll start digging for your iceberg when they can at least prove it’s cold.

  6. I think people need to remember that in a normal car you are driving around with a tank full of explosive liquid. The engine uses fire to propel you along. Normal cars are pretty dangerous too…

  7. Big oil, seriously? This is nothing but a couple of stuck shorts that are getting squeezed so hard they’ve lost all their marbles.

  8. I worked for Tesla a few years back on a consultancy basis and can say there are quite a few millionaires thanks to their stock option plan that awards their employees a given amount of stock options given annually. I was given the right to buy stocks in the IPO even though I was not direct and hold the stock to this day. My $19 a share purchase is doing well thank you Tesla. Elon was very much involved in the development on the model S and relied on a bunch of Detroit/UK guys to help brig his dream to fruition. I cannot say a bad thing about my Tesla/Elon experience. Anyone that slags the company need to get their facts straight….

  9. Project Axiom shouldn’t be given the time of day. In a free country they have the right to speak (and deal with any resulting lawsuits), but they certainly don’t need to be encouraged.

  10. Organized crime needs to launder huge amounts of money & therefore is involved in away more business than we realize. This is only the tip of the iceberg.

  11. A group of researchers reviewed Li-ion battery fire and explosion accidents, and reported in the journal of power sources tens of thousands of mobile phone fires or explosions from various causes since 2006. See: Wang, Q., Ping, P., Zhao, X., Chu, G., Sun, J., & Chen, C. (2012). Thermal runaway caused fire and explosion of lithium ion battery. J. Power Sources 208, 210-224.

  12. As ridiculous as the allegations apparently are, it makes me ask the question “Why did the author bother to re-publish them for even more readers to see the lies?” Tesla Motors will continue to be the recipient of false attacks like this one, as investors entrenched in other interests, and TSLA short sellers become increasingly desperate. When Tesla’s Model 3 prototype is put on display, the gloves will come off.

  13. This has big business rivalry written all over it. Someone should check into who is funding this Phase 2: Project Axiom.
    Koch brothers? Hallibortion? Duke Energy?

  14. Strange, this company wants to do something to lower pollution, and is attacked in this way. But no one says anything about the cancer that produces gasoline, environmental destruction in the oil extraction pits, nobody says anything about the overall pollution distilleries produce, and “people” complain about something that is speculation.

  15. Phase 2: Project Axiom should take a hard look at General Electric and the $3 Billion tax credit they get every year, paid for by you and me, unless of course they are working for the ICE or big oil, which might be their agenda.

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