Terrorists Attack Quetta Airport In Pakistan


Security forces at the Quetta Airport and the Samangi air base have cordoned off areas in and around both of them. Two police officers were injured as heavy firing between security and militants occurred around the airport and the air base. Helicopters circled overhead providing surveillance of the area. Emergency personnel took the injured officers to the Bolan Medical Complex.

Sources in the military reportedly said that seven or eight explosions were heard in the city, although the details surrounding those explosions are still unclear. Media in Pakistan is reporting that terrorists fired rockets from an unknown location onto the air base at Quetta, the firefight ensued. The shooting lasted for about 30 minutes, according to residents, Reuters reports.

Officials have since secured the area and began a search operation. They reportedly located six suspects who they said had been firing at them. Police said two of the attackers died in the firefight.

Pakistan sees increasing airport violence

It’s still unclear what the terrorists’ target was, although Pakistan has seen increasing violence in and around its airports of late. In June, an attack by Taliban militants killed 30 at the Karachi airport. Also in June, terrorists fired on a plane that was landing in Peshawar, nearly hitting the pilot and killing one passenger.

Meanwhile the Pakistani government had cracked down on Islamabad ahead of Imran Khan’s planned Azadi or Independence March. The anti-government march was held to protest last year’s general elections, which Khan and his party say were rigged. Officials blocked off most of the roads leading into Islamabad ahead of today’s march.


Security forces have thwarted an attack on Pakistan’s Quetta Airport and the Samangi airbase, reports Dawn.com. The website states that sources working in security in the area said that one of the attackers has been killed during the firefight between security and the militants. Some security workers were injured in the fight as well.

Terrorists Attack Quetta Airport In Pakistan