Spiders In Urban Areas Are Healthier, More Fertile [STUDY]

Spiders In Urban Areas Are Healthier, More Fertile [STUDY]

Spiders living in cities are bigger, healthier and better at reproduction than their country-dwelling counterparts, according to a new study conducted by Australian scientists. So, don’t be surprised if you see spiders in your garden getting bigger. Researchers led by Elizabeth Lowe of the University of Sydney found that female spiders had bigger ovaries and larger bodies in the areas of urban development.

Spiders spend most of their adult life in the webs they build

Findings of the study appeared in the journal PLOS One. Urbanization dramatically alters the local climate and natural landscapes. Researchers were studying the effect of urbanization on wildlife that manage to survive in man-made environment. Expansion of cities usually degrades the natural habitats and many species struggle to survive. But results of the latest study show that some species actually benefit from such changes.

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