Ten Most Expensive Cars [INFOGRAPHIC]

How much do you think the world’s most expensive car owned by a celebrity costs? $8 million dollars! It’s Maybach Exelero owned by Jay Z. Other celebrities don’t come even close to this price tag, but there is a car model that sells particularly well among the rich: Bugatti Veyron with a price of about $2 million.

Most Expensive Cars: Findings

You will also find out:

  • The most expensive car ever sold at an auction was a $52M Ferrari 250 GTO
  • Over half of the most expensive celebrity cars belong to rappers
  • The female celebrity with the most expensive (and pink) car is Paris Hilton

We’ve gathered details about all the most expensive and riveting celebrity cars out there and turned them into an awesome infographic. If you want to see how the top luxurious cars in the world look like and how much they cost check out the infographic below:

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Most Expensive Cars: Which Celebrity Owns A $8M Maybach?

Most Expensive Cars

Infographic source: financesonline.com