One Step Closer Towards NSA Reforms? [INFOGRAPHIC]

An updated version of the USA FREEDOM Act was just introduced in the U.S. Senate. The language in the new bill provides meaningful reforms of many of the NSA’s spying practices.

Access is working with a diverse group of coalition partners to put an end to the NSA’s indiscriminate bulk collection of telephone records, and the USA FREEDOM Act is the first step to reining in the NSA’s unchecked surveillance programs.

Community members like you have already helped get this important reform to the Senate floor. As USA FREEDOM nears passage, will you help us keep up the fight for real reform? With your support, Access will support the USA FREEDOM Act, engage policy makers, educate the media, and keep up the public pressure for more reforms.

One Step Closer Towards NSA Reforms

NSA Reforms infographic

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