Oldest Metal Object Uncovered In Middle East

Oldest Metal Object Uncovered In Middle East

Researchers at the University of Haifa, have published a paper in the journal Plos One about a copper awl they believe is the oldest metal object ever discovered. They worked with archeologists at the Zinman Institute of Archeology, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the German Archeological Institute of Berlin. They uncovered it at Tel Tsaf, which researchers say is a village that dates to around 5200 to 4600 BCE. The discovery of the awl is important because it moves the date when archeologists thought people started using metal.

Metal object changes archeological views

Tel Tsaf is located close to the Jordan River and the border with Jordan. Archeologists first documented the site during the 1950s, although they did not begin excavating there until the end of the 1970s. The site is believed to be the most important in the region that dates to this period because researchers have learned a lot.

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