New Apple Inc. Timer Lets Fans Countdown To The Next Event

New Apple Inc. Timer Lets Fans Countdown To The Next Event

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) fans are a patient bunch but they still love counting down the days to the next big unveiling or Apple event. This is why the Cupertino-based tech giant unveiled Apple Timer, which is similar to last year’s WWDC timer.

The new timer adds to anticipation for Apple fans

The timer is really just a clock counting down the days, hours, minutes, and seconds. Right now, the website is counting down to the upcoming iPhone 6 event and next year’s WWDC. Over time, more big Apple events will be added to the countdown.

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Next month, Apple will finally unveil the iPhone 6 and possibly the iWatch. Although it is rumored Apple will offer two versions of the iPhone including a phablet, the company may not unveil both devices at the same time, especially if supply constraints are an issue. Given the fact iOS 8’s key features involve health and fitness apps, it wouldn’t be too surprising if a good portion of the features won’t be linked the iWatch.

iPhone 6 could get price increase

Another big possibility for the iPhone 6 involves price. A recent news report from Huffington Post claims if the rumors we’ve been hearing are true, Apple may charge extra for the new smartphone. Reasons include larger size, premium materials (possibly sapphire crystal displays), and upgraded processor. It is speculated the iPhone 6 will feature an A8 chip that contains frequencies of 2.0 GHz or more. This is comparable to the current generation’s 1.3GHz A7 processor.

Despite some exciting upgrades and improvements, not everyone thinks the next iPhone will come with a heftier price. ZDNet and Forbes believe the smaller 4.7 inch smartphone will retain a $199 price. However, even the smaller iPhone 6 would feature a larger battery and a thinner body which could drive up costs significantly.  Only time will tell if and when Apple’s new phone comes with a price increase.

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