Market Cap vs. Company Age [INTERACTIVE CHART]

Here’s a cool chart/interactive our long time friend at @SeekingDelta threw together today in response to a tweet Obviously – Note – some of the years founded are skewed due to recent mergers (Exxon Mobil, AT&T and JP Morgan Chase) but, interesting none-the-less.

Market Cap vs. Company Age

NameYr FoundedMarketCap ($ in millions)AgeSize
Apple Inc.1977$568,60837$568,608
Exxon Mobil Corporation2009$425,0575$425,057
Google Inc.1998$388,58016$388,580
Microsoft Corporation1975$352,17139$352,171
Johnson & Johnson1886$284,031128$284,031
General Electric Company1892$255,263122$255,263
Chevron Corporation1984$239,34830$239,348
Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.1962$239,19152$239,191
Procter & Gamble Company (The)1837$219,426177$219,426
J P Morgan Chase & Co2000$211,49714$211,497
Verizon Communications Inc.1983$203,65531$203,655
Facebook, Inc.2004$188,42610$188,426
International Business Machines Corporation1911$185,522103$185,522
Pfizer, Inc.1849$180,390165$180,390
AT&T Inc.1983$179,53931$179,539