Around the World with Mark Yusko

Around the World with Mark Yusko

The following is a Q2 presentation by Mark Yusko of Morgan Creek (find him on Twitter here) titled “Around the World with Yusko – The Abe-san Also Rises: The Continuing Case for Japan” in which he provides an outlook on Abenomics.

Words of Wisdom

“QQE is an open-ended program so there’s no pre-set date on how long it will last. We won’t end QQE in 2015 before 2% inflation is achieved or before such price growth is achieved in a sustained manner.” Hikari Kuroda – BOJ

“I believe a review of GPIF’s asset allocation must take place as soon as possible.” Norihisa Tamura – Health Minister

Dan Sundheim Founder Of D1 At Sohn 2021 On His Favorite Stock

Jeffrey Aronson Crossroads CapitalAt this year's Sohn Investment Conference, Dan Sundheim, the founder and CIO of D1 Capital Partners, spoke with John Collison, the co-founder of Stripe. Q1 2021 hedge fund letters, conferences and more D1 manages $20 billion. Of this, $10 billion is invested in fast-growing private businesses such as Stripe. Stripe is currently valued at around Read More

“20% would not necessarily be too high a hurdle for the GPIF’s weighting of Japanese stocks.” Yasuhiro Yonezawa – GPIF Chairman

Yusko: The Abe-san Also Rises – Why Japan is About to Run With the Bulls

Japan Trifecta: Political Stability, Reform & Momentum

Yusko – Abenomics Review

PM Abe Has a Long-Term Plan to Restore Japan to Glory

Yusko Abenomics

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Mark Yusko Q2 letter

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