Apple Inc. iPhone 6 May Come With A Reversible USB Cable

Rumors about the iPhone 6 continue to heat up ahead of the phone’s unveiling. Now there are rumors that the smartphone will sport reversible USB cables. The rumors initially surfaced last week, along with photos of the alleged cables. The source of those photos seemed questionable, but now well-informed techie Sonny Dickson has posted new photos of the alleged cables on his Twitter feed.

Will the iPhone 6 feature a new connector?

Of course a USB connector that’s reversible is able to go into a USB port in both directions, making it easier to insert, particularly in places that are hard to reach or in the dark. 9to5 Mac spotted a patent that suggests Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) may indeed be working on a USB cable that’s reversible. However, it seems a bit early for the company to redesign its connector cables again, as it just did that in 2012 with the release of the iPhone 5.

Apple’s patent differs from that of USB Promoter Group’s announcement, which is for a Type C reversible USB cable that wouldn’t fit in the USB ports that Apple uses. Apple’s patent, however, indicates that its own reversible USB cable would work with both current and future electronic devices, meaning that it would work with Apple’s current devices.

iPhone 6 leaks continue

Meanwhile the nonstop stream of supposed leaks continues, as various sources claim to have gotten their hands on parts and even the iPhone 6 itself. One of the most recent reports comes from someone who claims to have an iPhone 6 that was smuggled out of a Foxconn factory where the smartphones are being assembled.
The supposed leak claims the iPhone 6 will be much lighter than previous models, which would fit in with what we have heard already. There’s also said to be some kind of new sensor on the front of the smartphone, although there isn’t any indication of what that sensor might be for.