iPhone 6 Pictures Leaked By TMZ Ahead Of Release

With the weeks counting down to the release of the iPhone 6, TMZ has just published some pictures that will undoubtedly garner a lot of attention from Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) fans.

iPhone 6 Pictures Leaked By TMZ Ahead Of Release

iPhone 6 images revealed

The photographs purport to be images of the forthcoming Apple handset, with the publication claiming that the model in question was smuggled out of a Foxconn factory in China. Apple has utilized Foxconn’s services in the manufacture of the majority of its smartphones for quite some time.

If the phone in question turns out to be legitimate then it is a major scoop for the publication, and indeed an exciting prospect for all tech followers. The individual who presumably sold the image to TMZ claims that a friend of his smuggled the item out of the Foxconn factory, where he had allegedly worked in designing the outer casing for the new model.

The device in question is said to be significantly lighter than previous iPhone models, and also features a new sensor on the front of the handset. TMZ states that it is not clear what the new sensor’s purpose is, but the published images of the smartphone display this new alleged element very clearly.

Possible red herring

However, it would be to jump to conclusions to assume that this is definitely a legitimate iPhone 6 device. TMZ themselves have stated that the model in question not running an authentic Apple iOS, supposedly due to security reasons during the development process. This is not necessarily an implausible explanation, but certainly if the iPhone 6 model in question was running a genuine Apple operating system then it would seem far more likely to be legitimate.

Other publications have poured scorn on the notion that this is a genuine iPhone 6, and have instead suggested that it is far more likely to be a cloned version of the forthcoming handset. This view is, of course, backed up by the fact that the device is not running an official Apple operating system. With TMZ mostly being a celebrity gossip sheet, publications such as Mashable and Gizmodo have rather mocked their credentials in this matter.

But regardless of whether the smuggler’s story is accurate or not, even a glimpse of a cloned device could give us a significant indication of what the next Apple iPhone may look like physically. With well under one month to go until the official unveiling of the device, we are soon going to see just how accurate this cloned or otherwise device is in terms of its appearance.

iPhone 6 rumored spec

As the date of the iPhone 6 release approaches, rumors regarding what form the phone will take, and what functionality will be included in it, continue to hot up. With Apple yet to confirm any details regarding this device whatsoever, it is not surprising that there is a considerable amount of speculation. But some of the murmurings regarding this forthcoming smartphone are now beginning to solidify, so it is interesting to look at the latest word on the street regarding precisely what can be expected from this much anticipated handset.

Recent leaked photographs suggested that the camera in the iPhone 6 will protrude slightly, while the latest word on the snapper is that it will be a 13-megapixel Sony Exmor IMX220 sensor. The iPhone 6 will also feature an improved fingerprint sensor. And the long rumored notion that Apple will release both 4.7-inch and 5.5.inch versions of the iPhone 6 now seems to be pretty solid.

Additionally, Apple has also reportedly upgraded the battery power of the iPhone 6. It has been suggested by several sources that the iPhone 6 has 2,100 mAh of battery; nearly a 50% increase from the iPhone 5. Wireless charging is also said to be a feature of this 64-bit device, with a new version of iOS 8 also bundled with it. The iPhone 6 is expected to be constructed from Sapphire Glass, and will also reportedly feature support and collaboration with the upcoming wearable device, the Apple iWatch.

When asked to vote on which of several rumoured elements of the new iPhone 6 they would most like to be included in the device, readers of CNET concluded quite emphatically that they would love to see the battery life of the iPhone 6 significantly improved. This one element attracted over 50% of the vote, well ahead of other rumored elements of the iPhone 6 such as NFC compatibility, the hotly tipped Sapphire screen and a phablet-sized model with a 5.5-inch screen.

One could understand this focus, as previous iPhones have been almost ubiquitously criticised for a mediocre battery life. But whatever Apple has up its sleeve for this extremely significant mobile release will finally be revealed in the next few weeks. With Apple targeting as many as 80 million units of sales, we can expect something outstanding when the details are finally revealed.


  • Brahm Mauer

    That is NOT a real iPhone6.

  • bp

    I mean of course it’s an iPhone. Who else would go through that much trouble to build and manufacture a phone that nice just to trick people? My bet is that will be what it looks like.


    Educated people typically finish a sentence with a period.

  • Robert McAdams

    For all you uneducated, leaked photos are really called, ADVERTISEMENTS

  • aseuss

    I’ve heard mixed signals on whether all iPhones will come with Sapphire or just special editions. GT Advanced Technologies stock, which makes Sapphire, is all over the place because it’s not clear if they’re going to ramp up production.

  • aseuss

    SONY EXMOR 13MP!! Looks like Apple finally convinced Sony to give them one of their better camera sensors. Sony was keeping its best tech to itself, but why keep the top camera tech to yourself and sell 4 million of your own phones while you can sell 80 million camera sensors via Apple? Good deal.

  • Goldie

    They’re trying to copy all the other phones, it looks like shit how big it is.

  • James Perez Grey

    I was going to tell the guy that he was ugly not u lol.

  • The Ginger

    I’m still waiting on the Apple developer to forget his new iphone in a bar some where. That’s how they usually “leak images” to the public before announcement/release.

  • c

    This is not the real iPhone 6….smh TMZ

  • Tinker Bell

    Agree, but don’t think that is the real thing.

  • jeffsd

    The lines are ugly.

  • MicMiker

    you think apple would have been smart enough to get rid of those thick tacky parallel lines on the top and bottom of the phone

  • HotelQuebec

    Hope these pictures are fake because that thing is fugly.

  • Guest

    To tell you the truth, this is a modded Android, not an new IPhone. TMZ was wrong. Look up Chinese knockoffs for IPhones, and I guarantee you will find this same phone.