This Ice Cream Changes Color When Licked [VIDEO]

Ice cream is a sweet treat that many people like to eat during the hot days of summer. Enjoyable as it is, a new novelty ice cream could literally transform the ice cream eating experience. A physicist recently unveiled Xamaleon ice cream, a revolutionary frozen desert that actually changes color when you lick it.

This Ice Cream Changes Color When Licked [VIDEO]

The science behind Xamaleon ice cream

Linares created a tutti-frutti flavored ice cream which was enriched with flavors like strawberries, cocoa, banana, pistachio, almonds, vanilla, and caramel. Linares was actually inspired by British ice cream maker Charlie Francis, who created a glow-in-the-dark ice cream using jellyfish protein.

Linares’ ice cream changes color thanks to a single spritz of ‘love elixir’, the spray that accelerates reaction of the ice cream after it was scooped- fluctuations of temperature and acidity kickstart the process, but the ice cream must be licked to change color.Right now, Xamaleon ice cream is available at IceParlor in Blanes, Girona, a town just north of Barcelona. Linares plans to create other ice cream flavors in the near future including mojito, cheesecake crumble, lemongrass, and an aphrodisiac ice cream with medicinal plants from Africa and Peru.

Ice cream treat trend

Are novelty ice cream deserts the latest trend? Linares isn’t the only one who is creating inventive frozen treats. Cronut creator Dominique Ansel recently introduced¬†ice cream sundae in a can. Ansel created the new dessert with designer Lisa Perry.

Ansel’s representative said for those who are not into gourmet will think it tastes like a fancy root beer float. For gourmet food fans, the dessert will taste like a symphony of root beer, stracciatella ice cream, macerated cherries, mascaparone semifreddo, meringue kiss, and marshmallows. The decorative cans, which were inspired by Andy Warhol’s soup can design, were lined with chocolate and sealed with a pop-top lid.

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