Google Is Readying Instagram Competitor [REPORT]

Google wants to branch out and expand social networks. A recent report from Bloomberg claims the search giant plans to spin-off Google+ Photos into something separate.

Google Is Readying Instagram Competitor [REPORT]

A separate photo experience

Google+ fields a lot of criticism for not accruing as many numbers as competitor Facebook continues to take the lead. One of the social media website’s strong points is the photo section. Google+ Photos has a solid archiving, sharing, and editing tools. The website’s users have been taking full advantage of the service by uploading 1.5 billion images a week.

If Google was to separate the photos section from Google+, it might attract more users who don’t already have an account with Google+. Such a website would also help Google compete directly with other photo-based programs such as Instagram, which is owned by Facebook. The search giant already owns one photo-editing app called Snapseed, which offers a variety of filters and special effects. The one downside to this app is that it is not a separate online community like Instagram has, users can upload the photos to Google+.

The search giant’s previous attempts to improve photo-sharing experience

This won’t be the first time Google tried to enhance its own social network with photo-friendly features. A few months ago, the search giant added Google+ Stories and Movies, interactive image and video editing tools all within the Google+ app. The former allows users to weave photos and videos together to create something of a travelogue. The latter allows users to create a highlight reel of photos and videos shared automatically. It also includes the ability to add customizations, soundtrack, and transitions.

These days social media is integrated into everything. With the immense popularity of photo-sharing apps on Facebook and Instagram, it is no surprise Google wants to make their own version of photo editing and photo sharing applications.

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