Google Glass Update Adds Improvements To Contacts, Texts

Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) (NASDAQ:GOOGL)’s latest update for Google Glass offers nice improvements fans will really appreciate. Such improvements include the ability to reach up to 20 contacts through voice, communication switch capabilities,  a currency converter, and more.

Google Glass Update Adds Improvements To Contacts, Texts

Google Glass gets nice upgrade

Google hopes Glass will reach revolutionary heights by changing the way people use mobile internet. Glass was designed to simplify many actions for users on the go. Some of the most notable updates include an improved contact system which allows users to have quick access to friends, making the phone’s entire contact list accessible. It allows user to reach 20 of the most recent or favorite contacts at a given time. Not only that, but users can also switch communication methods that enable them to jump from email to Google Hangouts.

The new update also alerts users of local events like concerts. Frequent world travellers will also appreciate the currency converter feature on Google Now. This will significantly help with traveling and finances. Perhaps one of the most exciting features that come with this update is the wide range of voice commands. Google Glass users don’t have to reach a touchpad to do such simple tasks such as sharing a photograph or lowering the volume. Voice commands simplify these tasks and allow users to “communicate” with the device to perform tasks.

Glass updates including travel alerts and full screen maps

Google Glass’s latest update also comes with a menu which organizes everything. There are also travel alerts that send notifications when public transportation link has been delayed. A full screen maps overlay should also help Glass wearers navigate without having to use their smartphones.

The reminders feature can also come in use for people who want to keep track of their daily activities without having to reach for their smartphone.

Google Glass is a very useful gadget with a lot of potential. Although it still has a long way to go before it is adopted in the mainstream life, it offers a lot of possibilities.

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