It’s only days ago that we learned that the iPhone 6 is likely to be revealed at a special event being held by Apple on September 9. This will be arguably the biggest smartphone release in the history of mobile products, so is not surprising that accessory companies are already looking to cash in on the inevitable success of this handset.

Gold iPhone 6 Gives Insight Into Forthcoming Apple Handset

Gold iPhone 6 pre-orders

Apple may be unveiling the iPhone 6 next month, but the accessory company Brikk is already taking pre-orders for its particularly luxurious variant on the next flagship Apple smartphone. Brikk calls his new version of the Apple device ‘The Lux iPhone 6’, and the company has already revealed some salubrious designs aimed at those who want an iPhone 6 that really stands out from the crowd.

The new collection revealed by Brikk includes no less fourteen models that are extravagant upgrades of the upcoming phone, featuring a unique range of expensive and sought after fabrications. According to the Brikk team themselves, the company will disassemble the iPhone 6 in a state-of-the-art laboratory located in Los Angeles, before beginning the process which will create a raft of truly unique models of the iPhone 6.

One might well wonder why anyone would be interested in buying a disassembled iPhone 6 from a company that is not its original manufacturer. The reasons for this are quite straightforward; Brikk will provide a variety of unique presentation options which will make the iPhone 6 a considerably more luxurious device than it is already.

Gold iPhone 6 available in three colors

Buyers of The Lux iPhone 6 will be offered the unique opportunity to have their handset coated in either 24-carat yellow gold, 24-carat pink gold or pure platinum. In addition, Brikk will enable iPhone 6 consumers to have the Apple logo on the reverse of the phone embellished with a carat of white diamonds.

Needless to say, this gold and diamond-encrusted iPhone will set you back a little bit more than the standard model. The most affordable version of The Lux iPhone 6 starts at $4,495, with the diamond-encrusted version retailing for $8,395. Aside from the luxurious item itself, all models of this exclusive iPhone 6 will come packaged in a custom metal box that contains both the user manual and all appropriate accessories required to utilize the device. Additionally, Brikk is offering every purchaser of the device a diamond-embedded certificate of authenticity and an exclusive one-year warranty.

Interestingly, Brikk is enabling consumers to pre-order this particular product before the iPhone 6 is even unveiled by Apple, let alone released. If you feel like getting your hands on this particularly expensive version of the iPhone 6, then you should set a little money aside in order to secure your handset. Brikk requires a $500 deposit for the pre-order program, and you can expect to receive your unique gold and diamond-encrusted iPhone 6 some three to four weeks after the official release of the Apple handset.

This latest news story is indicative of the sort of buzz which surrounds the iPhone 6, and will certainly be welcomed by Apple’s hierarchy. The iPhone 6 will simply be a massive mobile release when it finally hits the stores; which is now likely to be in October, given its September 9 unveiling. This would mean that the gold and diamond-encrusted version of the phone being offered by Brikk should be with you before Christmas, assuming you pre-order early and are included in the first batch of dispatches.

Both the markets and Apple itself will be keen to see the iPhone 6 meet its lofty expectations. The city is hoping that Apple will continue to repeat its recent excellent sales figures, in order for them to demonstrate future growth in the company is plausible. While Apple itself is apparently about to stake a lot of its short-term reputation on the iPhone 6, given that reports have indicated the device will represent a radical overhauled of previous releases.

Apple gambling with iPhone 6 and with a phablet-sized version

The pressure is on Apple to demonstrate that the company is back on track after a share price crash earlier this year. And it appears that the world’s most successful consumer electronics company, and world’s biggest brand, is willing to take something of a gamble with the iPhone 6 and to some degree reboot the handset with a phablet-sized version.

This would seem to be a direct response not only the demands of the markets, but also to its main arrival Samsung. The Korean company has already volubly signalled its intention to usurp Apple as the world’s biggest seller of smartphones in the near future, and Apple has evidently created a phablet-type device in an attempt to answer the highly successful Samsung Galaxy Note series.

Thus, although the release of any Apple device at all is always headline news among tech followers, this latest iPhone is likely to garner exceptional attention even for an Apple product. So Apple fans and followers have consequently been waiting for some time to get any official word on what we can expect from the iPhone 6, even though quite a lot of information has leaked out from the Apple supply chain.

Therefore the gold iPhone 6 concept created by Martin Hajek gives some indication of how the mainstream device might look, as well as the unique appearance of the luxurious and personalised Brikk handset. It is an insight into a smartphone which will fill a vast amount of column inches between now and the end of the year.