Fed Is Getting Anxious About Interest Rate “Liftoff”

Fed Is Getting Anxious About Interest Rate “Liftoff”
  • commissions or surrender charges
  • 100% transparency
  • Works well with HWM’s active management strategies
  • Cash value protected from creditors in most states
  • Tax deferral

If you currently have a variable annuity, you should consider swapping your existing variable annuity to a Monument Advisor annuity. The Monument Advisor annuity has a very low M&E fee at a flat $20/month ($240 annually), no matter the size of your account. In effect, a $50,000 account pays an M&E of $240 annually, which equates to a very low M&E rate of 0.48%. An account with $100,000 pays the same $240 annually, which equates to an M&E rate of only 0.24%. These fees are the lowest we’ve found.

Compare these charges to the rates you are paying now in your current variable annuity. I trust you’ll be surprised! And if you are considering a new annuity, I don’t think there’s a better way to go.

You should also know that Halbert Wealth Management does not receive any commissions or any type of fee from Jefferson National for the Monument Advisor annuity. The M&E fee goes to Jefferson National. You simply pay the same separate management fees that you would normally pay for programs offered through HWM.

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For existing annuities, you can do a simple “1035 exchange” which allows you to transfer to the new annuity while maintaining the tax-deferred status. And in this case, you get the benefit of lower fees and professional management of the account.

This is a great low-cost, no lockup way to add professional management to any old annuities you may have, and is a good reason to take another look at annuities for new investment.

Call either Phil Denney or Spencer Wright at 800-348-3601 to discuss whether a swap (1035 exchange) to the Monument Advisor Annuity is the right choice for you. Remember, you can also choose to set up a new Jefferson National no-commission annuity contract so you can enjoy the benefits shown above. Plus, we can help you select an active management strategy that can assist you in achieving your financial goals.

Very best regards,

Gary D. Halbert


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