There is one dangerous app on Facebook Inc NASDAQ:FB that social media users should know about because it’s really a virus in disguise. The color app claims it can change the color of your Facebook profile page, but once a user clicks on it, they are sent to a malicious website with a video that shows how you can change the color of your page. Users who enter this website are then infected with a malware.

Facebook Color changing app

App targets curious Facebook users

Cheetah Mobile Security blog reports over 10,000 people have been duped. The malware allowed hackers access to user profiles enabling them to spam.

Facebook’s third-party color app isn’t the only big concern for the site’s users. The website’s recent decision to move the instant messenger to a separate mobile app, cutting the option to send or receive messages on the main app. This move annoyed a lot of users who don’t appreciate having to download separate Facebook apps that take up precious space on their smartphones and tablets. Another big concern with the new app is privacy matters.

Problems with Facebook Messenger app

Last week, it was reported some tech bloggers got mad over the oppressive permission required from Android users on the Facebook Messaging app. The social media giant claims the reports are all based on mis-information. The company also blamed Android for the rigid permission policy, it added that they didn’t get to write permissions and had to rely on Android’s generic language that was sent to them. It as pointed out that the language does not necessarily reflect how Messenger app or other apps use it. Facebook added that it has more control over permission languages in Apple’s iOS which is handled differently. With Android, users must agree to all the permissions before accessing apps.