Climate Change May Play A Role In Tornado Strength

Climate Change May Play A Role In Tornado Strength
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Climate change is a hot topic in the scientific community, and now a new study suggests that it may be having a significant impact on weather in the U.S. Professor James Eisner conducted the he study, which was published in the journal Climate Dynamics this week.

Climate change affecting tornado trends

Previously, many researchers believed that climate change wasn’t really impacting tornado frequency or severity in the U.S. According to Eisner, they didn’t see a particular pattern regarding how many tornado days there were in a year. For example, in 1971, there were 187 days on which tornadoes occurred in the U.S., but last year, only 79 days had tornadoes. In 2011, there were almost 1,700 storms during tornado season. So far this year, there have been 189 storms.

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