Check Facebook Messages Without The Messenger App (FB)

Facebook Messenger App

Change is inevitable, especiallyfor mobile users like you and me. If you’re a Facebook NASDAQ:FB user, then by now you must have noticed that you cannot send and receive messages from the Facebook app. Strangely, the social network wants you to use their standalone Messenger app for sending and receiving messages: this means that even if you’re a casual user, and want to send and receive messages, you’re forced to install the Messenger app.

Luckily, if you too don’t want to install the Messenger app, then here’s a workaround method.

Check Facebook Messages from its Mobile Site

You can open Facebook on your mobile browser like Chrome, Firefox, Dolphin or any other and send and receive messages from there.

The best part is that with this method, you don’t even need to install the Facebook app, or the Messenger app. Just point your browser to, which is the mobile Facebook site and sign-in. You can bookmark the site, or add it as a shortcut to your home screen.

This mobile site resembles Facebook’s NASDAQ:FB web version, and that’s why there’s no learning curve involved. You can check your News Feed, send/receive messages and do just about everything from this mobile site. The Facebook NASDAQ:FB app is said to reduce the battery life of your device, and that’s why this method is much more preferable to those who value their cell phone’s battery life.

Another workaround is to use the old Facebook app, by downloading the old APK file (for Android users) and installing the app from it. You’ll then need to disable automatic update. However, you’ll miss out on new features that Facebook will add in the future. That’s why, from these two methods, I would prefer checking Facebook NASDAQ:FB via the mobile browser.

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