BlackBerry Ltd, Verizon Team Up To Keep Users Away From Android, iOS

BlackBerry Ltd, Verizon Team Up To Keep Users Away From Android, iOS
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BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY) (TSE:BB) and Verizon Wireless have join hands to give $150 in bill credits per device to enterprise, who switch from old BlackBerry devices to the running BlackBerry 10 smartphones and the Blackberry Enterprise service 10 platforms, announced Verizon. The Canadian smartphone maker is eyeing large enterprises to upgrade their entire range of BlackBerry devices to the newer one.

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BlackBerry strengthening enterprise segment

A promotional video was launched to advertise the new offering, detailing that the enterprises would be able to use the credits to purchase BlackBerry technical support services, sign up for BlackBerry messenger Protected or any other enterprise services. An upgrade of 1,000 devices will turn into $150,000 in credit.

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Enterprises can avail the scheme on Z10, Q10 and Z30 smartphones, which will bind the enterprise in two-year contracts. As of now there is no announcement whether the plan will be available for the future BlackBerry device on Verizon.

The Canadian firm is not leaving any stone unturned to revive its market share, and the company is also offering free license and free technical support through January 31st, 2015 to businesses who switch to BES 10. Within the video, the company also talked about its “EZ Pass” program under which the customers can upgrade from BES and from other mobile device management platforms to BES 10. Also, the customers will avail the free advantage level technical support with their new license.

An important step

Previously, the Canadian company has eased out its BES pricing and license structure, and its silver tier of service includes full device, application, email and security management for BlackBerry, iOS and Android devices along with BlackBerry Balance, which is used to segregate personal and work data on BlackBerry 10 smartphones.

BlackBerry Gold tier of service includes Secure Work Space containerization solution for iOS and Android, and advanced BlackBerry 10 management and security features for the customers, who are more focused on the security such as government, financial services and healthcare industries. It is totally at the discretion of customers to avail the annual subscription or perpetual license. Under subscription, Silver package costs $19 per user while Gold costs $60 per user per year.

It’s an important step from the company considering, in April, BlackBerry disengaged its partnership with T-Mobile US after the CEOs of both the companies exchanged heated words over T-Mobile promoting iPhone to its BlackBerry customers.

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  1. I’m pumped for the new Blackberry Passport!
    It will have Blackberry 10.3 OS which comes with Amazon’s App store (and 250,000+ android apps) now native to Blackberry!
    The Passport is a BEAST of a device and it makes the “new” *cough* iphone seem like just another rehash of the last “new” *cough* iphone.
    Apple is dying and losing market share (even in the US).
    Blackberry is releasing the BEAST known as PASSPORT.
    I’ll be getting one on the 1st day of the release.

  2. joseph everyone knows you are just thinking of your own interests. If Blackberry does not try something new soon, SP is going to drop soon so I would suggest in selling Joe.

  3. BJ, I would feel bad if I quit now and later after Blackberry closes shop. I would feel guilty thinking I should not have quit trying. I still cant believe that Chen is not willing to try anything to fix this. If there was a announcement by Blackberry that they have decided to give this crazed pc geek a shot under a three month contract agreement. I would bet SP would triple just on hype alone.

  4. I have designed a better way of gaining access to a smartphone, and does not involve typing a password, facial recognition, finger print scanner or voice activated programs. But do you think Blackberry would be interested in investigating this?? not. It is for this reason Blackberry is not a buy.

  5. Apple iPhone fingerprint reader confirmed as easy to hack…
    Summary: So much for Apple’s newest security trick. Alas, it seems that an old way of beating fingerprint scanners works on the new iPhones too.

    Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols
    By Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols for Between the Lines | September 23, 2013 — 23:42 GMT (16:42 PDT)

    It’s official. Security researchers Nick DePetrillo and Robert Graham have confirmed Germany-based Chaos Computer Club (NYSE:CCC) hackers’ claim that they bypassed the fingerprint reader in Apple’s iPhone 5s, called “Touch ID”.

  6. I see Valuewalk has replaced the adjective “beleaguered” with “Canadian” It’s about time. Even author Jain cannot deny the recovery any more. I wonder how long before DEVVV will give it up?

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