BlackBerry Ltd Challenger Blackphone Hacked In 5 Minutes

BlackBerry Ltd Challenger Blackphone Hacked In 5 Minutes
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BlackBerry Ltd NASDAQ:BBRY TSE:BB executives will surely be elated with the news that give them a chance to show how most secure Android Blackphone is inferior to BlackBerry in security features. A report from N4BB said that hacker @TeamAndIRC broke into the Blackphone in just five minutes by allowing the Android Debugging Bridge without unlocking the bootloader.

BlackBerry claims gaining ground

BlackBerry previously said that Blackphone offered only consumer-grade security that is nowhere near to the Blackberry’s enterprise-grade security.

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Blackphone offers secure voice communication service, and with BlackBerry acquiring Secusmart, the company has indicated that it will not allow Blackphone to enter its arena that easily. With the help of Secusmart, BlackBerry will be able to position itself at the highest pedestal in Voice and Data Encryption offering discount on security to a large user base.

The company is finding its lost zeal to combat under CEO John Chen, who took on critics such as Ryan Seacrest, T-Mobile CEO John Legere and even online media haters. The smartphone market share of the company is in red, and there is nothing substantial left for Blackphone to clinch from the company at this stage.

Securing more security clearances

Security has been a strong forte of the company and recent approvals in Germany, as well as, from the United States Defence Department do the talking for BlackBerry as far as enterprise security is concerned. The company has just received back to back clearance from various security agencies in both the countries.

Recently, the company added another clearance from the US Defence Information System Agency or DISA, which awarded Security Technical Implementation Guide to BlackBerry Secure Workspace. Through secure workspace, the company will assist its customers to manage BlackBerry, iOS and Android devices through BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 or BES 10 on their internal networks.

After the approval, the U.S. Department of Defence customers will be able to use iOS and Android devices that are integrated with the secure BES10 Enterprise Mobility Management solution. John Sims, BlackBerry Ltd’s head of the enterprise business said that the approval has established that the enterprises and government agencies can depend on BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 for secure mobility.

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