Apple Inc. CDN Now Live [REPORT]

Apple Inc. CDN Now Live [REPORT]
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Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s new online content delivery network is now live. The CDN is now available in Europe and the United States after the tech giant spent about a year perfecting the service.

What Apple hopes to achieve with its CDN

The iPhone maker hopes to use the CDN service to deliver content directly to consumers via direct access through internet service providers. According to the ISPs, Apple has a massive amount of capacity in place, a number that is equal to ten times the current capacity used. This additional capacity will support some planned software releases later in 2014 which includes versions of mobile iOS and desktop Mac OS X.

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Apple will still use Akamai Technologies for both iTunes and Level 3 Communications. The latter is often used for radio and app downloads. A significant portion of the traffic is still expected to shift to Apple’s new CDN. This could be a big thing for Apple. Not only does CDN offer multiple terabytes per second of bandwidth, but Apple also stuck deals that link directly to internet providers. This should ensure users get speedy updates and media streams even during peak internet hours.

iPhone users may have to wait to notice updates

Unfortunately, Apple iPhone users should not expect upgrades right away. Dan Rayburn (analyst for Frost & Sullivan) claims he has only seen CDN handling OS X downloads and he is not certain when updates come to mobile users. He also speculates Apple won’t completely neglect third-party help. However, the tech giant already made cloud storage a key priority with iOS 8 an OS X Yosemite. This might mean the company could put more services on its own network in efforts to create a smoother system.

Apple is one of the most formidable tech companies in the market today. It is always a step ahead of the game by making small improvements to enhance overall user experience.

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