Apple Offers A $25 iTunes Gift Card With Apple TV Purchase

Apple Offers A $25 iTunes Gift Card With Apple TV Purchase
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Apple Inc. NASDAQ:AAPL is endorsing its Apple TV offering with deals like a $25 iTunes gift card with every purchase, according to a report from 9To5Mac. Buyers can purchase apps, music and movies available on the iTunes store with the gift card till September 30. The promotional deal comes few days ahead of its London iTunes festival.

Apple TV update long awaited

A similar promotional deal earlier triggered speculation that the company might be launching a refreshed Apple TV shortly. However, the rumors quickly fizzled out, and the iPhone maker is still sticking with its third-generation model that was updated back in 2012. The $25 iTunes card deal has not altered the price of the TV, which is still retailing at the original $99 price tag.

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Currently, reports suggest that Apple Inc. NASDAQ:AAPL television will get its update in 2015, due to a delay in updating the set-top box with live and on-demand content owing to negotiations with cable companies. The upcoming Apple TV will supposedly have an App store, support for wireless game controllers, Siri integration and much more. The company has not yet revealed that whether it will divide the television line-up between the full featured set-top box and an enhanced Apple TV, or whether everything will be included in a single product.

Television – an important market

Over the past couple of years, Apple Inc. NASDAQ:AAPL has not produced any updates for the television, and an updated iOS version that can be integrated with the Apple TV is expected.

Earlier, the iDevice maker swanked that 2014 would be an evolving year for Apple TV, which indicated that there will be at least one major announcement during the year. The delay in the plans is caused due to ongoing negotiations with Comcast, which is a vital part of the Apple TV update, but its recent acquisition might be hindering the process.

Apple Inc. NASDAQ:AAPL made it clear that television is an “intense interest” market for the company, which was reflected  when the company promoted the Apple TV to a dedicated device in the Apple online store, enhancing its status from just an accessory that was listed under the iPod category. Apple TV is still running on iOS6 and is expected to be changed with the new version of iOS.

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