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Value Traps & PRXI; The Dollar Crisis; Depression of 1929

I owe my early success as an investor not to brains or knowledge, because my mind was untrained and my ignorance was colossal, The game taught me the game, And didn’t spare the rod while teaching.  

Whenever I have lost money in the stock market I have always considered that I have learned something; that if I have lost money I have gained experience, so that the money really went for a tuition fee.  –Jessie Livermore

Mark Sellers and Premier Exhibitions, Inc. (NASDAQ:PRXI) Value Trap

He put over 50% of his fund into Contango Oil & Gas Company (NYSEMKT:MCF):

Contango Oil Value trap

I added an update to yesterday’s micro-cap post.  The point is to try and understand prior investment successes or failures. Any lessons there?

Update: Case Study in a Value Death Trap Premier Exhibitions, Inc. (NASDAQ:PRXI). 

Mark Sellers discusses the keys to investing (Interview)

PRXI Value Trap

PRXI Value Trap

Mark Sellers Capital


Value Traps_PRXI Premier Exhibits

Sellers Piling into Contango Oil & Gas Company (NYSEMKT:MCF)


What can you learn from his saga?

An excellent book on the inflationary 1970s The-Dollar-Crisis by Percy Greaves

I just like the old photos to capture the spirit of the times: The-Stock-Market-Crash-of-1929

Brazil’s World Cup blow-out value trap 2

I am still in shock over Brazil’s World Cup blow-out.

Brazil’s World Cup blow-out

A fat tail event?

Value Traps; The Dollar Crisis; Depression of 1929 by CSInvesting