USA vs. Belgium Live Stream Video: Watch Online Here

USA vs. Belgium Live Stream Video: Watch Online Here
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Contrary to popular perception and to the ire of Ann Coulter (who was rooting for the Germans in the last game?) Americans are really into Soccer this year at the world cup. The event has been all over the domestic news with a bite heard around the world, and Americans cheering as Portugal’s loss helped the USA soccer team, which lost its last game against Germany.

USA vs. Belgium begins at 4PM EST on July 1st.

However, today the USA holds no trump card and to advance the USA soccer team must win against Belgium or be eliminated. No need to consult Nate Silver for 10,000 different possibilities as was the case when the USA loss to Germany a few days ago. There is no overtime in USA Vs. Belgium – this match cannot end in a tie – if the game is tied by the end the game will then go into overtime.

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Belgium is heavily favored in this match with the USA, with the USA losing the past four matches against the Belgians, however, some odd makers have the USA under-dogs as favored to win.

Last time ESPN had issues with streaming, so we have you covered. We also hope all our neighbors celebrating Canada Day will be rooting for their neighboring team, as we would be rooting for them against the Belgians. Also since Belgium is like half French, and most Canadians do not get along well with their French neighbors either, they should solely in the US camp (we are joking and consist of a diverse group of people of all races and faiths).

Anyway, check out the match below and we know certainly you are not working so you have no reason to NOT be watching the USA vs Belgium game, hopefully, with some friends and some good beer.

Check out the live stream video of USA vs. Belgium below.

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