Tesla Motors Inc To Investigate Issues, If Any, Flagged By Chinese Hackers

Tesla Motors Inc To Investigate Issues, If Any, Flagged By Chinese Hackers
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Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) has stated that it will resolve any susceptibilities in Model S, conveyed to it by the hackers, who are participating in a contest in Beijing, according to a report from Bloomberg. The SyScan +360 conference is offering $10,000 to anyone, who successfully hacks into the Model S.

Tesla asks for responsible hacking

Tesla stated in an email that it is not connected with the ongoing contest in any way, and neither is a sponsor, but the company believes in providing an “environment in which responsible security researchers” track down the possible security lacuna. The company said that the security researchers are expected to work in good faith. Any legitimate vulnerability” identified, will be further investigated by Tesla.

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The EV car maker asked the researchers to responsibly search for the issues rather than hacking company’s website, servers and networks.

Elon Musk, the owner of Tesla Motors said that company’s patent is open source so that anyone willing to use it can get access free of charge. The idea behind the open source patent is to encourage adoption of electric cars. Chinese users are already receiving Model S deliveries since April, and Musk is confident that the sales volume will play-level with that of the United States as early as 2015.

One issue identified

Beijing Internet Security Company Qihoo 360 Technology Co discovered ways to remotely control Tesla car’s locks, horn, headlights and skylight while the car is in motion. Investorrelations director of the company, Wu Jing said that findings were based on an experiment conducted by the information technology department.

According to Qihoo 360, after making way into Model S, the hacker could control the lights, glass roof and horn. The white-hat hackers have already sent the details of the findings and their solutions to the American electric car maker to offer technological assistance. Qihoo’s claim comes following reports of hackers breaking Tesla’s six-digit code to remotely control the car.

Tesla responded saying that it has conveyed the information to the company’s headquarter in the United States, but no further reply has come yet. Tesla China said that it cannot confirm if the headquarter in USA have received the report, but will inform about the developments.

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