Samsung Galaxy S6: What Fans Are Hoping For

Samsung Galaxy S6: What Fans Are Hoping For
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The Galaxy S6 release date is so far away right now that there are probably more false rumors floating around rather than actual facts. But fans love news about Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. (LON:BC94) (KRX:005930)’s Galaxy line of phones, so people keep dishing them out. Here’s a broad look at what people are saying about the Galaxy S6 right now.

Galaxy S6 versus Galaxy Alpha

One of the biggest rumors that has been catching people up is the alleged ultra-premium Galaxy smartphone. We’ve been hearing for a long time that Samsung is planning to launch an even more high end Galaxy handset, initially referred to as the Galaxy F but now sometimes called the Galaxy Alpha.

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If this smartphone really is in the works, then it’s easy to see that the rumors about it are probably getting mixed up with the rumors about the Galaxy S6.

Metal body on the Galaxy S6?

One of the biggest complaints fans have had about the Galaxy S series is that the body is made of plastic. Each year, they hope for a metal body, and each year, they’re disappointed. So of course people are talking about the Galaxy S6 having a metal body. Others say it will be reserved for the even more high end Galaxy F / Alpha.

And then there’s the question of whether the Galaxy S6 will sport a curved body. Once again, this is something that some believe will be saved for the higher end Galaxy model, while others think it will be in the Galaxy S6.

Display, design, camera

Some think the smartphone will have a 2K display, and in fact, Samsung has already been said to be working on both 2K and 4K smartphone displays. Displays that have 2K resolution are undoubtedly the next frontier in smartphone screens because 1080p isn’t really considered to be impressive any longer. In fact, smartphones without a 1080p display are seen by many as being behind the times.

And then there’s the pesky rumor about a flexible display, which has plagued the iPhone 6 as well as the Galaxy S6. Supposedly Samsung already has a working prototype that folds up, but it seems questionable that it will be ready for mass production in the coming months.

Under the Galaxy S6’s hood

Samsung is expected to play catchup to Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) by including a 64-bit processor in the Galaxy S6 as well. As with all smartphone upgrades, more RAM, a better battery, and an improved camera are also expected.

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