Rain Of Asteroids Made The Oceans Boil And Melted Early Earth

Rain Of Asteroids Made The Oceans Boil And Melted Early Earth

The dark chapter of the Earth’s history (the first 500 million years) called the Hadean saw the planet being bombarded by asteroids on a frequent basis. The pockmarked surface of the moon would exist on Earth had it not been for around 4 billion years of erosion and the plate tectonics not covered up this evidence.

This comes from a group of scientist who published a study in the journal Nature yesterday. The group also believes that the earth melted numerous times during the Hadean eon following larger collisions that likely vaporized the oceans killing all early life, according to Julia Rosen of the Los Angeles Times.

Asteroids melted early Earth: Sources of the findings

“The reason is very simple: If you have a crater, you had an impact,” said Simone Marchi, a geologist at the Southwest Research Institute in Boulder, Colo., and lead author of the Nature study.

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