Newly Discovered Puerto Rico Water Mite Named After Jennifer Lopez

Newly Discovered Puerto Rico Water Mite Named After Jennifer Lopez

Singing sensation Jennifer Lopez might never have imagined it, but scientists have named a new species of water mite after her. No, there is no resemblance between Jennifer Lopez and the mite Litarachna lopezae. Scientists said it’s just a “small token of gratitude” for Lopez’s music, which they listened to while authoring the discovery.

Jennifer Lopez’s songs kept scientists in a good mood

The study was published Tuesday in the online journal ZooKeys. The only link between Lopez and the newly discovered water mite is that the singer has Puerto Rican roots, and the species was found near Puerto Rico. The University of Montenegro biologist Vladimir Pesic told the Associated Press that Jennifer Lopez’s music was a hit with his team.

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The Bronx, New York-born entertainer has given several hits such as I Luh Ya PapiAin’t It Funny, and All I have. Pesic said Jennifer Lopez’s videos and songs kept scientists in a good mood while documenting the discovery and watching the World Cup Soccer 2014. He said that the researchers in his team rooted for different teams during the World Cup, but Jennifer Lopez’s music was a common ground among them.

The water mite was found at the depth of 230 feet

The water mite Litarachna lopezae was collected from a coral reef in Mona Passage, which separates Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. The species was found in the treacherous body of water at a depth of about 230 feet. The water mites were collected during multiple trips organized by the Caribbean Coral Reef Institute and the University of Puerto Rico between 2010 and 2012.

Anyway, it’s not the first time scientists have honored new organisms by naming them after famous personalities. A trilobite Aegrotocatellus jaggeri has been named after Mick Jagger. U2’s Bono has a Joshua Tree spider named Aptostichus bonoi after him. Gnathia marleyi, a blood-sucking marine parasite found in the Caribbean sea was named after reggae legend Bob Marley. Freddie Mercury has an isopod found on the coast of Zanzibar named Cirolana mercuryi after him.

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