Netflix, Inc. Wants TV And Film Tagger In Ireland

Netflix, Inc. Wants TV And Film Tagger In Ireland

Netflix, Inc. (NASDAQ:NFLX) is searching for a UK or Ireland-based analyst for its improved content team. Those selected will have to watch and analyze the films and shows before they are aired on the Netflix, and “tag” them to enhance the customer experience.

Taggers to help Netflix in customizing programs

Netflix is adopting tagging process to offer customized programs to the individual members based on their tastes and preferences. Taggers are required to select from the group of 1000 words, a word that describes the program in its best way. The company said that this is the first step of the job to be done. The process works in close collaboration with the algorithms that generate customized suggestions for every Netflix user.

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Todd Yellin, VP of Product Innovation for Netflix, told RTÉ ten: “We hire very high-level, movie and TV show experts, who are very analytical, who watch all our content from end-to-end.” Yellin added that the chosen one will have to note the points while watching the content. The candidate will also had to use a tool provided by the company and then will decide on the tag for the title.

Yellin said that under tagging the analyst will have to note down points such as what’s the tone like? Is it dark, is it upbeat, is it cerebral? Then the show will be rated on the scalar value from 1-5 over questions like how much violence? How much sex is in it?

Qualification and additional responsibility

He told that applicants should have studied film or TV in school, a film critic or someone who has been a film critic and written about the films. The individual should have the capability of analytical thinking and capable of ‘really’ deconstructing something.

Additional responsibility of the candidate would be to act as UK & Ireland cultural consultant, underlining cultural specifications and taste preferences.  Individuals with analysis experience can also apply for the job.

Currently, Netflix employs around 40 taggers, but none in UK. The streaming company is, also, planning to the increase the number of taggers as its library grows.

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