Microsoft To Come With Own “Right to Be Forgotten” Form

Microsoft To Come With Own “Right to Be Forgotten” Form

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) has not involved into much of the action ever since the European court ordered that users have a right to be forgotten from the Internet search engines. However, lately the software giant is planning to walk Google’s way by introducing its own request form on Bing, similar to what Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) (NASDAQ:GOOGL) has introduced, says the New York Times.

“Developing an appropriate system is taking us some time,” the company said in a statement on Wednesday. “We expect to launch a form through which users can make requests soon.”

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All search engines under European order

As of now, no date has been set for the release of forms. Microsoft requires consent from Yahoo, which also depends on the Bing search engine for its search services. Thereafter the date for form release can be set.

Google has been the epicenter, till now, as after the May 13th ruling, the search engine giant has gone through most of the action and reactions. As of now, Google has received more than 70,000 requests to pull down the material. In comparison, Microsoft has received fewer requests. However, receiving a handful of request does not imply that only Google has to abide by the rule.

Search engines like Bing, and other platforms, where traffic is relatively less, are also under the ambit of the court order. As per the ruling, the individuals can ask the search engines to delink their personal information, which is deemed to be “inadequate, irrelevant or no longer relevant.”

Microsoft has an example to learn

European court did not say anything about the methods that the companies can use, and thus, Microsoft is, also, finding it feasible to offer online forms, closely similar to what Google adopted. Microsoft will be at advantage as it has already seen the challenges faced by Google in getting its form correct.

The technical challenges that Google is coming across, or for that matter, any search engine portal is going to face is removing links of specific individual from certain search results in such a way that it alters only company’s search engine domain information in Europe. The links removed from the European domain do show up in non- European website including the United States, and links, also, pop-up while searching with any other related keyword.

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