Microsoft Brings Skype To Amazon Fire Phone

Amazon Fire users who love to use Skype messaging service will be pleased to know Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) just launched the popular service for this platform. This service is already available on Kindle Fire HD and Fire HDX tablets.

Microsoft  Skype

Skype now available for Fire phone users

The Fire smartphone version features an enhanced Android design which makes it fit the Fire phone look. A recent post on Skype’s blog claims users can spot messages and notifications at a glance through a widget on Fire’s carousel. It enables users to their chats and notifications without having to open up the app. It also opens up chats with one-click action. The customized Skype 3D icon and notification badge that shows the phone’s innovative Dynamic Perspective technology.

A current look at Microsoft

During Tuesday’s Q4 fiscal 2014 earnings call , Microsoft’s chief executive officer Satya Nadella share his company’s plan to turn Microsoft into a cross-platform company.  He added all experiences will be available on all devices. There are also specific goals for several Microsoft applications to be available on home screens. He also explained mobility is more than just devices. Although the company plans to keep a focus on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones, it still hopes to expand on mobile.

Yesterday’s earning call shed light on some fascinating facts regarding the company. Microsoft did have a Microsoft Mini in the works before former CEO Stephen Elop cancelled it last-minute. Microsoft may be considered the behemoth of hardware but it isn’t making any money. The PC maker bought up $7 billion for Nokia last spring, but lost an extra $700 billion just last quarter.

Fortunately, Microsoft is still making a lot of money with its core business. In fact, the company rolled in $23.4 billion just last quarter alone. Much of the company’s success can be attributed to strong business and cloud sales.