Malaysia Airlines MH17 Crash: Videos And Photos You Don’t Want To Miss

Malaysia Airlines MH17 Crash: Videos And Photos You Don’t Want To Miss
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The circumstances around the crash of Malaysian flight MH17 are still being investigated, but rumors about the involvement of various groups are circulating. Here’s a run down of what you need to know about the plane crash that killed 298 people, and what you shouldn’t believe.

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Fake Video Shows MH17 Crash

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The above video, and some edited versions of the same, is being circulated online as footage of the moment when Malaysia Airlines MH17 was hit by a missile and careened out of the sky. It turns out, however, that this is actually a video of a Ukrainian Military transport plane being shot down by the rebels earlier in June.

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This version of the video is date-stamped, showing that it was taken in early June, but other versions of the video have that part cut out and are being falsely circulated as real footage of the crash of Malaysian Airlines MH17. There are many rumors about the cause and nature of the tragedy circulating, but the kind of obvious manipulation, like that from those sending this video around, hopefully won’t last too long.

There are plenty of actual pictures of the wreckage of Malaysian Airlines MH17, and there is some footage of a plume of smoke and debris resulting from contact with the ground. The following section takes a look at some of the most telling pictures of the crash, though none of the pictures are of a very graphic nature some may be disturbing to sensitive readers.

Malaysian flight MH17 pictures

This image is one of the first that emerged of the wreckage of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17. The image shows the wreckage of the plane in the Donetsk area of eastern Ukraine yesterday afternoon. Local residents were shocked to see the debris and the dead land in their local area. Malaysia Airlines MH17 Crash: Videos And Photos You Don't Want To Miss

Russian separatist rebels, who are the most likely culprit in the shooting down of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 are shown above standing among the pieces of wreckage. The militants took positions around the crashed plane directly after the crash.

The BUK missile system is, according to reports, the weapon used in the destruction of MH17. The weapon, picture above, is a mobile medium range surface-to-air missile deployer.

One of the more tragic pictures comes from Facebook. A Dutch passenger on Malaysian Flight MH17 took a picture of the plane to help find it “in case it went missing” and posted it to the social network. The young man was likely referencing the disappearance of Malaysian Flight MH370, which went missing earlier this year. The above picture shows the prescient Cor Pan’s final Facebook post on the right, with a portrait of him on the left. Mr. Pan is one of the 298 who died in yesterday’s plane crash.

The above image shows the billowing smoke from the wreckage of Malaysian flight MH17 after it crashed. flight investigators today revealed that they managed to recover both of the plane’s flight recorders, known colloquially as black boxes, and plan to investigate the goings on in the plane before it went down in the country’s Donbass region.

More MH17 Videos:

The above video shows the moment when debris began to fall on a rural area of Ukraine after the plane crashed on Thursday.

This video shows the scene at the crash site of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17, near Grabovo in the Donetsk region, about 50km away from Ukraine’s border with Russia.

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