LinkedIn Redesigns Mobile App

LinkedIn Redesigns Mobile App

LinkedIn’s new app called Connected replaces the Contacts app, which the company launched last year. Those who already have LinkedIn’s Contacts app will receive a prompt to upgrade to the new Connected app today. The company shared details of the new app on its blog today. It’s only available in English on iOS devices right now, although LinkedIn plans to add Android support and international versions at some point. The app focuses on helping its users strengthen their relationships.

LinkedIn aims to “take the work out of networking”

The social network said Connected is meant to fill in the blanks left by the busyness of people’s lives. It provides users with “relevant, and timely, reasons to reach out and keep in touch” with the people in their network—even when they don’t have time for face to face meetings.

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LinkedIn Corp (NYSE:LNKD) said the app will tell users when those in their network change jobs, are talked about in the news, or have birthdays or work anniversaries. The app offers a “card-based” experience, which the social network says is a first for it and “puts people at its center.” In addition, the company said the new app will make it easier for users to network by syncing their contacts and calendars with it. Users can turn on push notifications and reminders ahead of meetings.

How LinkedIn’s new app works

According to PC World, users will more easily be able to interact with each other over LinkedIn, for example, by giving a comment a “like” or by making a phone call to follow up on meetings. The Connected app is focused entirely on interacting with people in users’ networks, so they are unable to edit their profiles, look for jobs, or follow more companies on LinkedIn. PC World likens it to using Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)’s and Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR)’s mobile apps to check up on friends, except it’s focused on professional contacts rather than friends.

ZDNet reports that LinkedIn believes the Connected app will be so successful that users may see the number of times their profile is viewed increase by as much as six times.

Shares of LinkedIn sunk as much as 3% in morning trading today.

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