Kinect v2 for Windows Coming July 15, Priced $199

Kinect v2 for Windows Coming July 15, Priced $199

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) is set to release the second version of Kinect for Windows on July 15th. This version of Kinect was originally bundled with Xbox One when it launched last year but it wasn’t designed for personal computers.

The reason Microsoft released Kinect for Windows

The second generation Kinect does not use the standard USB port which was designed to transmit data and subsequently made it incompatible with personal computers since launch. The Kinect 2.0 for Windows comes with a standard connector and full compatibility for Kinect Windows SDK.

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This new version includes a 1080p main camera with wide-angle lens, improved depth-sensing capabilities, as well as the ability to track more bodies in a single frame. Developers will also have easier access to publish Kinect apps for the Windows Store. Kinect for Windows will launch in stores on July 15th for $199. Pre-orders are still available for the device.

Details behind revamped Kinect

Last month when Kinect 2 became available for pre-order, the PC software maker published a long piece about how the company built Kinect’s sophisticated software, functions, and capabilities. As a way to showcase the most impressive features of the second generation Kinect, Microsoft tapped developer Freak’n’Genius to help. This is the main problem with Kinect is that the company spent a lot of money and effort into creating a smarter software that monitors and responds to more subtle movements compared to the old camera. However, companies that use the camera for more simple and cheap effects.

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) claimed to spend nine months after the debut of Kinect 2.0 perfecting the software by modeling actions and movements of specific individual. It is also teaching the system to differentiate between people and furniture, as well as where motions start or stop. It also teaches which parts of body motion to keep in eye on when measuring movement.

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