Congressional Treatment of Janet Yellen Was Sexist, Says Group

Congressional Treatment of Janet Yellen Was Sexist, Says Group
The comic features features Fed Chair Janet Yellen as a contestant on the game show "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire". The audience behind Yellen, which includes former Fed chief Ben Bernanke, are throwing tomatoes at her. Caption for the comic: "After disappointing markets last week, will Yellen make it up to them later this year?" The Federal Reserve's decision last week not to raise interest rates disappointed most market players who were expecting the central bank to hike rates for the first time since 2006. The questions remains whether Yellen and the Fed will make it up to them at some point later this year, or will they delay the move to early 2016. The central bank has two more scheduled policy meetings before the end of 2015, in late October and mid-December.

On Wednesday, the House Financial Services Committee held a hearing in which they aggressively talked over Fed Chair Janet Yellen. A response from UltraViolet Co-founder Shaunna Thomas is below, as well as video of the incident contrasted with the Committee’s treatment of the previous Fed Chair Ben Bernanke, according to Thomas.

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Statement from UltraViolet Co-Founder Shaunna Thomas: How little HFSC respects Janet Yellen

“Members of the House Financial Services Committee on Wednesday engaged in such an intense degree of mansplaining and grandstanding that they practically fell over one another to prove how little respect they had for Fed Chair Janet Yellen. These events helped expose what millions of women face in jobs all over the country, especially when they are promoted, and no matter how high they rise.”

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“Contrasted with the polite respect and deference given to Yellen’s predecessor Ben Bernanke, who’s monetary policies are nearly identical to Yellen’s, Wednesday perfectly captured how much we need to change not just laws, but culture around how women are treated in the workplace. We are disappointed to see the men of the House Financial Services Committee on the wrong side of that change, but we hope the absurdity of actions helps illuminate the depth and damage of discrimination against women.”

See the video of the incident below

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  1. So it doesn’t matter that women continue to be treated unequally today simply because we have it better than our mothers? Your reasoning is the problem with our culture.

  2. Just more proof that a woman shouldn’t have been made head of the fed.

    If you criticize them or their policies, left wing loons will cry “racism”, errr, ummm, “sexism”.

    If you cannot reasonably criticize someone’s work, they shouldn’t be in the job.

  3. Hey Shaunna Thomas: Your ‘sexist’ Whining simply underscores long-held (and more times than not, accurate) beliefs regarding women in the workplace – i.e., it’s ‘never enough’ and you complain too much… Women have Never had it so good in the workplace, but that isn’t good for your ‘business model’, I understand… You need a steady stream of ‘victims’ in order to justify your whining NONSENSE. ‘If you can’t stand the heat’… Well, you know the rest Shaunna…

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