iPhone 6 Screen Allegedly Faces Bending Test, Comparison

iPhone 6 Screen Allegedly Faces Bending Test, Comparison

There have been numerous supposedly leaked iPhone 6 components, mockups and photos, and although it’s possible that all of them are fakes, Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) fans are putting them to the test. This time Sonny Dickson has posted a couple of videos about the supposed iPhone 6 screen. One involves a few mild bending tests, while the other shows a comparison to the screen of another smartphone, purportedly that of the iPhone 5S.

iPhone 6 screen bends

In the first video, Dickson shows how the alleged iPhone 6 screen he has is fairly bendable. However, he doesn’t really push its limits to see just how much stress it really can withstand. It’s just a 30-second clip that demonstrates how the screen bends both ways. The clip itself is named “(Sapphire) iPhone 6 Glass Bending,” suggesting that perhaps the screen is made of sapphire glass. There’s no evidence actually in the video though that explains why he believes the display to be made of sapphire rather than another material.

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We’ve heard rumors that Apple will make the screen for the iPhone 6 out of sapphire glass, although of course that’s nowhere near confirmed. In fact, the talk of a sapphire glass screen has sort of tapered off, with other rumors taking over. However, there have been patents indicating that Apple is indeed working on displays made from sapphire glass.

iPhone 6 screen compared to 5S

Dickson’s second video again suggests that the supposed iPhone 6 screen he has is made of sapphire glass. This video is nearly four minutes in length. In addition to comparing it to the screen of the previous iPhone, it shows that the screen itself measures about 4.7 inches diagonally.

He also shows off a smaller component that’s purportedly the home button and demonstrates how easy it will be to use with a single hand, as the thumb can reach all four corners pretty easily. Apple management has said in the past that they believe it’s important to be able to operate a smartphone with only one hand, and that’s one of the reasons why they’ve been slower in bringing a largest iPhone to the market.

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