Google Donates Glass, $25,000 To Five Innovative Non-Profits

Google Donates Glass, $25,000 To Five Innovative Non-Profits
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Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOGL) (NASDAQ:GOOG) in an attempt to actively support the non-profit organizations, came up with a program named ‘Giving through Glass.’ Five winners have been chosen, who will receive a pair of Google Glass eye-wear, which is not out for the common public as yet, and a cash prize of $25,000 plus guidance from the engineers of the technology firm.

“Developers are already working with these inspiring groups, and next week these five nonprofits will descend on Google Glass Base Camp in San Francisco for training,” director Jacqueline Fuller said in a blog post.

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Google Glass opens many opportunities

It invited proposals from the charitable organizations in the U.S., and from 1300 of them it had chosen the five winners, who were able to communicate their ideas for making optimum use of the device in the best possible way for achieving the goals they had set for themselves.

The proposals that were selected detailed on using the Glass to help students see through the eyes of Paralympic athletes to cultivate empathy for people with disabilities. The ideas to encourage math and science among girls, improve communication for people with autism hearing loss, or speech problems, were also put forward.

For the purpose of enabling better research and spread awareness on brain cancer a “3,000 Miles to a Cure Race Across America” is being conducted, and Google Glass will be used here as well, which will enable spreading awareness about it and also raise funds.

Glass offers multiple features

This internet linked eye-wear is highly popular in U.S., and the Internet giant used an ‘explorer’ program to further popularize the gadget, was offered. The same program has been extended to Britain for the first time.  Last month, Google Glass was made available to a limited section in Britain, for 1,000 pounds per unit.

There are a lot of apprehensions among people with regard to the eye-wear while many are very much enthusiastic about it, as well. The device has raised serious security concerns due to its ability of capturing images and video at anytime. The company is trying to polish the products image by making it very much user-friendly with the availability of apps that serve a variety of purposes such as fetching weather reports, sharing videos, playing of games, etc.

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